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which kept the meeting [[???]] 

10.  There was a curious development of unwillingness or inability of some minds [[to?]] the actual practice or act of slave-holding [[as?]] which strongly repudiating the [[impersonable.?]] Slavery itself as the "sum of all villainies." [[?]] Should refuse to stigmatize the practice of [[?]] drinking or of drunkard-making by rum [[?]] itself, while yet deploring and denouncing [[int?]] as very sinful in the abstract.

Most of the audience were with the [[lecture?]] the close of the discussion, in which the [[?]] Brewer (formerly Missionary in Greece, a [[?]] Protestant teacher among the Old Town [[?]] others, participated, the passed with un [[?]] following resolutions:

Resolved, That whereas history shows that no [[?]] iniquity has ever been overthrown, except it has [[?]] the name of the living God, and branded as sin; [[and?]] abolition of British West India Slavery was [[?]] mighty moral agitation only as the motive power, a [[?]] strictest sense, the work of a revived, practical [[?]] therefore it is evident that the vaster work of [[?]] proud and defiant system of American Slavery, so [[?]] brought about by the power of humanity alone, [[?]] negative non-extension principle in politics, must [[?]] [[sive?]] achievement of pure Christianity through a [[?]] [[religious?]] conviction of the essential sinfulness of [[?]] the awakened consciences and hearts of [[Christian?]] women impelling them everywhere to ceaseless [[?]] in behalf of the enslaved.
Resolved, further That if these things be so, [[?]] not lie, the [time?]] has come for the American church [[?]] retain their Christianity, and hold good their title [[?]] of Christ, to take in hand as churches, the [[dreadful?]] holding, by making the practice of advocacy of it a [[?]] [[Christian?]] fellowship and communion, and by accepting [[?]] [[tial?]] mission and duty of the American clergy [[?]] churches of this generation the total abolition of the [[?]] of American Slavery.

Resolved, The Church Anti-Slavery Society [[should?]] [[?]] for the silent democracy throughout the American [[?]] groan being burdened for "them that are in bonds [[?]] them," and that burn with the desire to have an [[unfettered?]] [[?]] proclaiming the law and the Gospel of God against [[?]] stigmatizing that as a course in itself, which so [[many?]] [[?]] [[istry?]] have apologised for as not malum in se.  

The Bangor Union (organ of the Pro-[[Slavery?]] [[?]] [[democracy?]] opens savagely upon this [[Church Anti-]] Slavery Society to-day, and intimates that [[?]] [[Republican?]] party intends to take the church into [[?]] and enter into a crusade against the [[?]] senseless and wicked than that [[instigate?]] [[?]] the Hermit.

But The Whig and Courier answers [[?]] Church Anti-Slavery Society, as we [[under?]] [[?]] far from being formed to bring the [[Republican?]] [[?]] into partnership with the church, is [[intend?]] [[?]] the American Church itself up to that point [[?]] [[ing?]] Slavery to be malum in se., that is, [[?]] which it has never yet reached, and the [[?]] declaration has in fact encouraged and [[?]] Southern slaveholders and the Southern [[?]] [[?]], even too take the position of late that [[?]] in reality good in itself.