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Transcription: [00:42:34]
{SPEAKER name="William Ennis/John Ennis (interpreter)"}
And the person would say, and then I'd say, "are you deaf?" And the boy would say "Yeah, yeah. I'm deaf."
I'd say, "Oh, I'm uh my brother is deaf."
"Uh, let's see, I forget how you say, uh--A-uh-B-C-D-D-D" [[laughter]]
And by that time, I'd get kind of silly, you know."I'm just teasing, really, I'm Bill. You're supposed to meet me."
He'd say "What? Yeah you're deaf? Oh, brother. How disgusting." I had a good time with that.
[[Laughter and clapping]]
{SPEAKER name="Shirley Schultz"}
Tell about your family life, like, how your family shared with you experiences, the funny things that happened to them?
{SPEAKER name="William Ennis/John Ennis (interpreter)"}
You really helped warm us up, now you need to do something. Yeah, I've gone cold. Tell 'em about the motel. [[Distant laughter]]
{SPEAKER name="Barbara Kannapell/John Ennis (interpreter)"}
You mean one of our favorite jokes or something? Alright. Deaf people have many, many favorite jokes that deaf people will repeat often again and again at different deaf clubs.
Just recently, one of the jokes that is just spreading everywhere among deaf people, really, maybe some of these jokes may be old to you but I think this joke may be, it was new to me!
My parents are deaf and went into a bar. I mean a deaf man went into a bar.
And he took out, and started writing on a pad. To the bartender, says "Where is the restroom?"
The man said, "Right down there". He says, 'Oh, thank you,' and he put that back in his pocket, went to the restroom and came back. And then he left the bar got in his car and he was going too fast.
And the police stopped him, pulled him over, and ordered him over to the side he says, "I'm deaf, I'm deaf" he pulls out his pad to give him to write on
It says, "Where is the restroom?" He says, "Oh, you go down this way and just down there the next corner"
[[Crowd laughing and clapping]]
Want me to tell a joke, you got another joke?
[[clunking sounds]]
You still have the same problem. Hahaha!

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