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the Secretary and of the Treasurer, and shall report the results of such audit to the National Board of Governors and the Club at the Annual Reunion. The auditor's report shall be published in the official publication of the Club and mailed to the members. No member of the Club shall make this audit.

Chapter IV

Section 1. Each candidate for membership shall submit application upon a form prepared for that purpose which must bear the candidate's signature, and the signature of one current member sponsor together with reliable evidence of the applicant's qualifications for membership.

Section 2. All membership applications shall be forwarded to the National Secretary, who may submit the application to the National Board of Governors for approval or disapproval when circumstances warrant.

Section 3. The membership year shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.

Section 4. Regular members are accorded all rights and privileges during the calendar year in which their dues and fees have been paid. Failure to pay current dues prior to April 1st automatically cancels all rights and privileges of regular membership.

Section 5. Life members are accorded all rights and privileges without further assessment of dues.

Section 6. Members may elect affiliation with the Wings of their choice or may remain unaffiliated if they so desire. Unless a declaration of desired affiliation or non-affiliation is filed with National Headquarters, a member will be considered affiliated with the Wing in whose area he maintains his residence.

Article V

Section 1. The annual dues of the OX5 Club of America shall be not less than $5.00 payable in advance, $1.00 of which shall be considered as a subscription to the OX5 News and so designated on the books and records of the OX5 Club of America.

Section 2. Dues and fees paid by a new member shall be credited as current and full payment for the year in which the application was approved except that dues and fees that become payable by a new member applying subsequent to October 31st of any year shall be credited, when paid, to the year immediately following.

Section 3. (a) Dues may be paid by the member either directly to the National Headquarters or through the appropriate chartered Wing officer, thence to the National Headquarters.

(b) When paid through a chartered Wing officer, the Wing may retain such portion of the annual dues as may be authorized by the National Board of Governors. The balance of all dues and fees collected by a chartered Wing officer will be forwarded to National Headquarters in accordance with procedures and policies prescribed by the National Board of Governors.

(c) Annual dues and any fixed fees prescribed by the By-Laws are due and payable on January 1st of each year.

Section 4. Life memberships may be issued to any member under the age of 60 upon payment of $100.00; over age 60 bu not over age 65, $75.00; over age 65 but not over age 70, $50.00; over age 70, $25.00.
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