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1. "Madonna of the Yarn-Winder" by Leonardo da Vinci
2. "The Visitation of the Virgin" by Filippino Lippi (1457-1504)
3. "The Holy Family with St. Jerome, St. Catherine and a Donor" by Raffaelino del Garbo (1476-1524)
4. "The Virgin and Child" by Bartolomeo di Giovanni (XVIth century)
5 "The Crucifixion" — School of Botticelli (XVth century)
6. "Madonna and Child" by Carlo Crivelli (1430-1493)
7. "Portrait of a Man" by Vincenzo Di Biaggio, called Catena (1495-1531)
8. "Portrait, Lucrezia dei Medici Duchess of Ferrara" by Angiolo Bronzino (1502-1572)
9. "Madonna and Child" by Matteo di Giovanni
10. "The Pieta" by Vittorio Crivelli (XVth century)
11. "Portrait of F. Guiccardini" by Bugiardini (1475-1554)
12. "A Painted Crucifix" by a Giottesque Master (XIIIth century)
13. "Portrait of a Lady," Florentine School
14. "Mother and Child" by Matteo (Giovanni) (1435-1495)
15. "Madonna and Child with St. John" by Fra Filippo Lippi (1412-1469)
16. "Virgin and Child" by Cima
17. "Portrait of a Young Man" by Filippo Mazzuoli of Parma
18. "Head of Christ" (XVIth century)
19. "Holy Family" by Carlo Maratti
20. "Madonna and Child with St. John" by Damiano Mazza
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