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Tel. MU-2-5140                                
Extn. 101c                      
Mansfield Hotel 
12 West & 44th Street,
New York 36, N.Y

[[underlined and overlined]] CONFIDENTIAL [[/underlined and overlined]]                          

March 15, 1957.

Mr. Germain Seligman,
Jacques Seligman & Company,
5 East 57th Street,
New York, N.Y. 

Dear Mr. Seligman,

With reference to my recent letter concerning the possible sale of various paintings, my friends in Italy state that their first proposition would be the sale of the GRIGIONE, the only one at present available in the free market.   
The painting they have to offer is:

[[underlined]] "CAVALIERE COL PAGGIO" [[/underlined]]

which was exhibited, together with other works of GRIGIONE, at the Exhibition held in Venice two years ago. There are only three GRIGIONE'S in the United States at present, i.e.

"LA NATIVITA", Duveen Collection, New York. 
"L'ADORAZIONE DEI PASTORI", National Gallery of Art, Washington.
"RITRATTO DI GENTILUOMO", Fine Arts Gallery, San Deigo, California.

Herewith are a few of the pertinent details concerning a possible sale. 

[[underlined]] Name of Picture [[/underlined]]:           "CAVALIERE COL PAGGIO"
[[underlined]] Painter [[/underlined]]:                    GRIGIONE                    
[[underlined]] Dimensions of Painting [[/underlined]]:     
[[underlined]] Width [[/underlined]]:  cm. 86,5 
[[underlined]] Height [[/underlined]]: cm. 70.  

[[underlined]] Certification by [[/underlined]]:       
Professor Fiocco     
Professor Colletti
Professor Pallucchini - also-                              
"expertise collective"                      
"expertise chimique-radiologique"

[[underlined]] Price Requested: [[/underlined]]  650,000 dollars (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS) 

[[underlined]] Cost of Exportation [[/underlined]]:  50% to the charge of the Buyer and the Seller. 
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