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October 7th, 1942

My dear Mrs. Taylor:

Your letter of October 2nd has just reached me and I hasten to answer you.

I sincerely feel that before going to the expense of shipping the picture to New York, it would be better to send me an enlarged photograph of the head down to the shoulders, as I suggested in my previous letter.

Discussing the problem from a purely academic angle, you will realize that we might be faced with several possibilities:  the painting might be a modern copy of an old painting; it might be an old copy (by this I mean over 150 years); or a contemporary copy of the time; or a school picture; or a portrait painted by a lesser man; and, finally, it might be by one of the leading artists of the period.  We might be in a position from the photograph of the head to come to a more definite opinion.

You must realize from the above that were you to send the portrait to New York now, we would be unable to give you any sort of idea as to the insurance value to put on it, and I would like to hear from you what value you would place on this painting according to these different eventualities.  If I say this, it is because should these values not seem to be in keeping with present-day conditions, I might perhaps then suggest waiting for better times, as the art market today is very slow.

You would also oblige me by telling me - should the painting be sent to us - what remuneration and what interest you would think fair to reserve for my firm.

Thanking you for your kind reply,

Yours very sincerely,

(German Seligmann)

Mrs. Robert F. Chatfield Taylor
X-9 Ranch
Vail, Arizona
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