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[[underlined]] STATEMENT [[/underlined]]  

Mr. Chas. W. CLARK
c/o United Verde Copper Co
111 Broadway

31st Dec. 1922

June 10, 1921: Our invoice

No 8036 - Louis XV desk ... Frs 195.000
No 8463 - Painting by BOILLY ... [[underlined]]Frs 65.000 [[/underlined]]
Frs 260.000

Frs 288.051,25

6% Interest on Frs 288.051,25, from Aug. 10th 1921 to Dec.1923 (one year & 140 days).... [underlined]] Frs 24.004,25 [[/underlined]]

Frs 312.055,50

[[underlined]] LESS: [[/underlined]]

June 26, 1922: Your cheque ... Frs 150.000

6% interest on 150.000 Frs from June 26 to Dec. 31st 1922 (184 days) ... [[underlined]] Frs 4.600 [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] Frs 154.600,-- [[/underlined]]

[[double underlined]] Frs 157.455,50 [[/double underlined]]

Transcription Notes:
corrected several numbers

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