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New York, N.Y.
April 25, 1935.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special Meeting of the members of COLLEGE ART ASSOCIATION, Inc., will be held at The Hotel Willard, Washington, D.C., on May 25, 1935, at 9:30 o'clock in the forenoon for the purpose of considering and acting upon:

(1) The election of officers and of the Executive Board;
(2) The ratification and approval of all acts and proceedings of the Executive Board and of the officers of the Association taken since the last annual meeting;
(3) The annual reports of officers and Committees;
(4) The amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation so that the purposes, powers and provisions reading as follows:

"The particular objects of this Corporation are the furtherance and promotion of the study and appreciation of art, to which may be applied the income, and if the Association so decides, of the principal, of such property as the Association may from time to time possess." 

will be eliminated, and in their stead there will be substituted therefor the following (subject to whatever alterations may be made by the Executive Board to conform to the laws of the State of New York):

"The particular purpose of this Corporation is the furtherance and promotion of the study and appreciation of art.

To accomplish the foregoing fully and adequately, the Corporation shall have the power to borrow money and issue evidences therefor; to acquire, hold and dispose of property of every kind; to purchase or otherwise acquire, hold and dispose of all or any part of the stock or other securities or obligations of any person, firm or corporation, and to exercise any and all rights, powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon, of such stocks or other securities or obligations."

(5) The repeal of the existing Constitution and By-Laws in their entirety and the enactment in their stead of wholly new By-Laws (Copies of the proposed new By-Laws will be mailed to any member on request, and also will be available for inspection at the desk of the Hotel Willard, Washington, D.C., from May 20 to the date of the meeting);

and to transact any and all other business which may properly come before the meeting.


If you are unable to attend tear off Proxy and return. 
KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that the undersigned, an active or life member of the COLLEGE ART ASSOCIATION, Inc., hereby constitutes and appoints Charles R. Morey, A. Philip McMahon and Frances M. Pollak, and each or any of them, with power of substitution and revocation in each, the attorneys, agents, and proxies for and in the name, place and stead of the undersigned, to attend the special meeting of the members of said Association, to be held at The Hotel Willard, Washington, D.C., on May 25, 1935, at 9:30 o'clock in the forenoon, and at any and all adjournments thereof and to vote thereat on behalf of the undersigned as if the latter were personally present and voting, in favor of any motion, proposition, approval or other action which in the judgment of such proxy or proxies may be necessary or proper for the authorization, approval or the carrying out of the proposals to be presented at said meeting, as set forth or mentioned in the notice dated April 25, 1935, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. A majority of said attorneys, agents and proxies or their substitutes, who shall be present and act at the meeting (or, if only one shall be present and act, then that one) shall have and exercise all the powers hereby conferred.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has executed these presents this [[blank space]] day of [[blank space]], 1935.
[[signature line]] (Seal)
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