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June 18, 1945

To the Members of the College Art Association of America:

Five Directors will be nominated in the fall by the Nominating Committee for election at the next annual meeting of the Association. They will take the place of the following Directors whose terms expire in January 1946: John Alford, Walter W.S. Cook, Sumner McK. Crosby, Mark Eisner, and Rexford Newcomb. In order to give the Membership opportunity to express their preferences and thus to guide the committee, each member is asked to return this letter with the names of five persons eligible for election to the Board written in the spaces on the back. The names may be selected from the following list prepared by the nominating committee, but the committee will welcome other suggestions. Members are asked to limit themselves to five names and to return the sheet as promptly as possible.

Roberta M. Alford
Chairman of the Nominating Committee

Peter Brieger, Associate Professor of Fine Art, University of Toronto, Ph.D. University of Breslau 1922, Venia Legendi in History of Art 1922, Assistant Librarian Biblioteca Hertziana, Rome 27-28, Lecturer at Courtauld Institute, London 33-36, On the Staff (Conway Library) 36-27, Department of Fine Arts, University of Toronto 36-

Richard Ettinghausen, Freer Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., Ph.D. Frankfort, Germany, 1931. Member staff Islamic Institute Staatliche Museum Berlin 31-33. Research Associate, American Institute Iranian Art and Archaeology 34-37. Lecturer fine art N.Y.U. 37-38. Mem. staff Institute for Advanced Study 37-38. Asso. Prof. history of Islamic Art, University of Michigan 1935-

Bartlett H. Hayes, Director Addison Gallery, Andover, Mass. A.B. Harvard 1926. Inst. Phillips Academy 33-40. Director of Addison Gallery 1940-

Henry R. Hope, Professor Fine Arts, University of Indiana. School of Louve 35, University of Paris, Sorbonne with certificate in Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern Art 36-38. Ph.D. Harvard 1942. Teaching Assistant Harvard 40-41, Chairman Fine Arts, Indiana University 41-

Horst W. Janson, Professor of Fine Arts, Washington University, St Louis. Attended universities Hamburg and Munich 32-35. A.M. Harvard 38, Ph.D. 42. Asst. Fine Arts Harvard 36-37. Institute Iowa 38-41. Asst. Prof. Art & Architecture Washington 1941-

Fiske Kimball, Director, Philadelphia Museum. A.B. Harvard 09, Ph.D. Michigan 15. Asst. Prof. University of Michigan 13-15, Virginia 19-23. Morse Prof. Literature of the Arts of Design N.Y. University 23-25. Director Philadelphia Museum 25-

Karl Lehmann, Professor Fine Arts N.Y. University. Ph.D. Berlin 1922. Fellow and Asst. German Archaeological Institute 22-23; Asst. German Arch. Inst. Rome 24-25. Dir. Arch. Mus. 26-29. Prof. Arch. and Dir. Arch. Mus. Munster 29-33. Prof. Fine Arts, Institute of F.A., N.Y University 36-

Everett Victor Meeks, Dean School of Fine Arts, Yale. A.B. Yale 1901. Prof. Architecture Cornell 14-16. Asst. Prof. Yale 17-19. Prof. Yale 19-23. Dean School of Fine Arts 1922-

Dorothy E. Miner, Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. A.B. Columbia 26, 28-31; London 26-27. N.Y. University 31-32. Asst. Fine Arts Barnard 31-32. Asst. Am. Inst. Iranian Art & Arch. -33. Pierpont Morgan Lib. 34. Librarian and Keeper of Mss. Walters Art Gallery 34-

Stephen C. Pepper, Prof. University of Cal. Berkeley, Cal. A.B. Harvard 13. A.M. 14, Ph.D. 16. Inst. Wellesley 16-17, philos. and aesthetics Cal. 20-23. Asst. Prof. 23-27. Asso. Prof. 27-30, Prof. 30-. Chairman Dept. of Art 38-. Asst. Dean of College of Letters and Sciences.