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11. LES PEINTRES PRIMITIFS (The Primitive Painters) by Charles Sterling, Paris 1949, 252pp. of which 94 are text, the rest full-page ill. in excellent gravure. Here are the early Italians as well as the Bellinis, Crivelli, Jan van Eyck, Van der Weyden Memling, Van der Goes, Gerard David, Fouquet, Gruenwald, Hans Holbein, and even that wonderful Portuguese master, Nuno Goncalvez, almost nowhere to be seen. .....$5.50

12. LES GRANDS MAITRES HOLLANDAIS (The Great Dutch Masters) by Germain Bazon (from the Louvre), Paris 1950, 188pp. including 46pp. text and 127 full-page gravure ill. and description of the pictures. Starting with the master of Alkmaar and Lucas van Leyden, Frans Hals, Barth, Rembrandt, Aberkamp, Ruisdael, Hobbema, Terborch, Metsu, Vermeer, De Hooch, Van Ostade and many others. .....$5.50

13. THE TECHNIQUE OF THE GREAT PAINTERS. A history of Painting Materials from Early Egypt to the Present Day by Prof. A. P. Laurie, professor of Chemistry at the Royal Academy of Arts, London 1949. The author, the leading authority on the subject and originator of scientific detection in art, together with his associates, has engaged for years in applying scientific methods of investigation in the field of art techniques and materials, modern & historic. The results are here recorded in a book of unique value. 192pp. 28 plates, 3 of them in color. .....$8.50

14. WOMEN OF JAPAN, by Alfred Werner, New York 1950, 2 bound portfolios, 12½x18", 4 pp. text & table of contents each, 9 woodcuts in full color, hand-printed from the blocks in Tokyo. Vol. I: Early Masters (1600-1800) Vol. II Later Masters (1800-1900). Due to the hand-process the intensity of the colors is impressive. 10 and more colors are used, also some blind embossing. Beautifully matted. EA. .....$6.00

15. SUZIK NAHUM HAZOZ, Introd. by Prof. Meyer Shapiro (Columbia University). The work of a boy from Israel, killed in the war with the Arabs. Portfolio 13x17½, 33 color reproductions, mounted, and 70 black-and-white reprod. Only a hand-full of copies are on the market. New York June 1950. .....$25.00

16. 19th CENTURY DRAWINGS, by Graham Reynolds, (Deputy Keeper, Victoria & Albert Museum) London 1949, 52pp. & 72 full-page ill. 1 mounted color plate. Chapters on the French & English Schools, also the German School. A beautiful easy survey of the best drawings of the greatest draughtsmen. .....$7.00

17. 20th CENTURY SCULPTURE, by E. H. Ramsden, London 1949, 42pp. & 63 beautiful, clear full-page plates. Beginning with Eric Gill we proceed to Jacob Epstein, Frank Dobson, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Georg Minne, Jan Stursa, Auguste Rodin, Henri Laurens, Charles Despiau, Hans Arp, Georg Kolbe, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, to Barlach, Mestrovich, Archipenko, Lipchitz, Milles and Picasso. .....$6.50

18. KANDINSKY, WASSILY. Basle, 1949. Short foreword and notes on the plates in German, ten full-color plates from the paintings tipped in on heavy stock, unbound, ready for framing and covering the range of work from 1911 to 1941. Exceptional products of modern Swiss color printing. Portfolio, boards, 15¼x11½. .....$22.50

19. MYTHOLOGIE ASIATIQUE ILLUSTREE, Paris, 1928. Companion volume to the item below. Huge and detailed work on Mythology of the orient in text and illustration, 432pp. text in French, almost 400 illustrations, a number in full color, from paintings, drawings, sculptures depicting eastern myth. National and ethnic groups are used. Authoritative work. Paperbound, 10x13. .....$17.50

20. (Mythology) NOUVELLE MYTHOLOGIE ILLUSTREE, published under the director of Jean Richepin, Paris, 1920. Two volumes. One of the really great works on world mythologies as represented in the plastic and graphic arts, literature, legend. A gigantic collection of source material for the student of cultures. Over 700 pp., text in French, a total of 700 ill. many in full color. Divided thematically for ready reference and comparison. Paperbound, 10x13. .....$30.00

21. (Ex-King Carol's Collection) LA GALERIE DE PEINTURES DE SA MAJESTE LE ROI CAROL II DE ROUMANIE. By A. Busuioceanu, Paris, 1939. Vol I (only one likely to be issued). Italian paintings, 14 to 16 Centuries. 33pp. text in French, 53 fine gravure plates, 127pp., cloth, 11x14. .....$6.50

22. LA CERAMICA ANDALUZA (Andalusian Ceramics) Sevillian Tiles of the 16th century. Sevilla 1948, publ. by the Art Laboratory of the University of Sevilla. 61pp. text by Antonio Sancha Corbacho. Over 100 plates in superb collotype showing the native Spanish art of AZULEJOS (Tile-making) at great length and with an unending stream of design-matter. .....$7.50

23. LAS MENINAS Y SUS PERSONAJES (The little Princesses and their personality) Critical study of Velasquez by F. J. Sanches Canton, Subdirector of the Prado-Museum, Madrid. 35pp. & 24pp. of full-page details. Barcelona 1943. .....$3.50

24. GOYA, EL DOS DE MAYO Y LOS FUSILAMIENTOS, Critical study by E. Lafuente Ferrari of Goya's "Second of May", 55pp. & 24pp. of full-page ill. Barcelona 1946. .....$3.50

25. EL ENTIERRO DEL CONDE DE ORGAZ (The Funeral of the Count of Orgaz) Critical study by M. Gomez Moreno, of El Greco. 26pp. & 24pp. of full-page reproductions. Barcelona 1943. .....$3.50

26. EL "SAN MAURICIO" DEL GRECO (The San Mauricio of El Greco), Critical study by The Marques of Lozoya, 22pp. & 24 full-page reproductions, Barcelona 1947. .....$3.50

27. LAS IMMACULADAS DE MURILLO (The Immaculates of Murillo) Critical study by F. Abbad Rios, 27pp. & 24 full-page reproductions, Barcelona 1948. .....$3.50

28. LA FAMILIA DE CARLOS IV (The Family of Carlos IV by Goya) Critical study by Xavier de Salas, Director of the Art Museum of Catalonia, 29pp. & 24 details on full-page pictures, Barcelona 1944. .....$3.50

29. TAPICES DE GOYA (Tapestries by Goya) by Valentin de Sambricio, Introd. by D. Narciso J. de Linan y Heredia. Specially made paper. 303pp. text & 199pp. of documents. 193 reproductions in collotype including several tipped-in in beautiful color printing. Published Madrid 1948 on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Goya. An exceptionally fine book. .....$30.00

30. LE COSTUME (Costumes of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries) Preface by Francois Boucher. Costumes of these three centuries as seen by the leading artists of engraving, lithography and painting, 12 full-color plates, tipped-in. Starting with the French School of the 17th century over Abraham Bosse to Watteau, Boucher, Nattier, Moreau Le Jeune, to Guys, Gavarni, Manet, Courbet and Goldini. Hundreds of ill. .....$10.00

31. HOGARTH, by R. B. Beckett (Series: English Master Painters, edited by Herbert Read) Introd. with appendixes, 34pp. Catalogue of Hogarth's paintings: 1. Portrait Groups, 2. Single Portraits, 3. Miscellaneous. Index of Collections. 202 full and half-page illustrations. Out of the large number of works attributed to Hogarth the author strives to present those whose authorship is reasonably certain. London. 1949. .....$12.50

32. CARPACCIO, The Legend of Sainte Ursula (Sylvana Series) large bound portfolio, text by Vittorio Moschini (Italian) 23 full-color full-page plates, one of which is a double-spread,
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