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drawings. 5pp. of bibliography and 76 plates. New York, 1949. Cloth. 9x6". .....$7.50

132.  SPANISH-COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE IN THE UNITED STATES. By Rexford Newcomb. 33pp. and 131 plates. New York, 1937. Cloth. 12 1/2x9". A volume of carefully measured drawings and photographs. .....$12.00

133. CERAMIC ART OF CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE FAR EAST. By W. Honey. London, 1946. 227pp., 3 TIPPED-IN PLATES IN FULL COLOR and 192pp. of half-tone reproductions. Cloth. 10x7 1/2". .....$13.50

134. THE LANGUAGE OF DESIGN. By C. Law Watkins. 176pp. text, 146 illus., 43 line drawings and 6 acetate overlays. Spiral binding. Washington, 1946. Paper. 12 1/2x9 3/4". .....$10.00

135. GOTISCHE WANDMALEREI IN SUEDTIROL. By J. Weingartner. 82 pages (in German) and 180 illustrations on 127 plates. Vienna, 1948. Half cloth. 10 1/2x8". .....$6.00

136. GREEK COINAGE, MASTERPIECES OF. Essay and Commentary by Charles Seltman. 120pp. and 180 illustrations. Oxford, 1949. Cloth. 10x7". .....$4.75

137. ITALIENISCHE WANDMALEREI (Masterpieces of Mural Painting from the Middle Ages - Tiepolo). By R. Zuercher. 13pp and 35pp of Index. 6 MOUNTED PLATES IN FULL COLOR and 160 plates in helio-type. Zurich, 1944. Cloth. 12x8 1/2. .....$10.00

138. ICONS (IKONA). By J. Myslivec. 53 plates (7 PLATES IN FULL COLOR). Text in Czech, Russian and a short summary in English. Praha, 1947. 11 1/2x8. The 53 plates show Byzantine, Italo-Greek and Russian Ikons of the 12th - 17th Centuries. .....$6.00

139. MASTERPIECES OF THE JAPANESE COLOR WOODCUT. By Willy Boller. 88 plates (8 IN FULL COLOR), 96 pp. of text (in English) and 20 illustrations. Bern and Boston, 1950. Half-Cloth. 14x11". English edition limited to 1000 copies. .....$18.00

140. MASTERPIECES OF PAINTING IN THE LOUVRE. Two volumes with altogether 100 TIPPED-IN PLATES IN FULL COLOR. Text in English and French. Intro. and descriptions by Louis Hautecoeur. Paris, n.d. (recent. Boards. 14 1/2x10". Set of two volumes - .....$30.00

141. ARTE MILITARE MECCANICA MEDIEAEVALE (Mediaeval Mechanical Military Art). By G. Canestrini. 139 colotype plates and 136pp of descriptive text. (In Italian). Milan, n.d. (recent). Decorated half-cloth. Boxed. 13x10 1/2". A selection of drawings taken from mediaeval manuscripts. Ed. limited to 336 copies. .....$25.00

142. VILLA MADAMA IN ROME. (Murals) A reconstruction by W. E. Greenwood. New Pork 1928. 34 plates (18 PLATES IN FULL COLOR) and 70pp of text. Cloth. 12 1/2 x9 1/2. Reconstruction of world famed decorations of the Villa Madama, built for the Giulio Medici and partly attributed to Raphael. .....$10.00

143. LES CONTEMPORAINS. Par Rene Huygha. Paris, 1949. 112pp text (in French), 28 MOUNTED PLATES IN FULL COLOR and 139 plates in heliotype. Cloth. 13x10". Contents: Suites at Detachements del'Impressionisme, le Fauvisme, le cubisme, peinture d'instinct et peinture feminine, retour au reel, le surrealisme, etc. .....$16.50

144. DAS ANTIXE ROM (Ancient Rome). Photos by A. Newrath. 64pp of intro. by L. Curtis (in German) and 178 plates. Vienna, 1944. Cloth. 12x9". .....$7.20

145. SICILY - Art, Culture, Landscape. 53pp (In German) by H. Schwarz and 205 plates. Vienna, 1945. Half-cloth. 12x9". .....$7.20

146. TUSCANY - Landscape, Art and Life. By A. V. Borsig. 50pp (in German) and 224 plates. Vienna, 1948. Half-cloth 12x9". ..... $7.20

147. THE ART OF THE POTTER - A BOOK FOR THE COLLECTOR AND CONNOISSEUR. By W.B. Honey. London, 1946. 105pp and 160 plates in half-tone. Cloth. 10x6 1/4". This is mainly a picture book, an anthology of pots, chosen for the beauty from the wares of many countries and periods. .....$7.50

148. SYNAGOGUE TREASURES OF BOHEMIA & MORAVIA. By Hana Volvkova. Prague, 1949.  39pp (in English) and 96 plates (16 PLATES IN FULL COLOR). Cloth. 9x6". .....$5.00

149. LA RICHESSE DE LA BRODERIE ECCLESIASTIQUE EN TCHECHOSLOVAQUIE. Par Z. Drobna. Prague, 1949. Short text (in French) and 96 plates (16 PLATES IN FULL COLOR). Cloth. 9x6". .....$5.00

150. GRAPHIC ARTS ABC: SANS SERIF. By Taylor Poore. 85pp of layouts, etc. (many in color). Chicago, 1949. Cloth 11 x 8 1/2". .....$8.75

The Arts - A Quarterly Review
Editorial Board: Herbert Read & Ed. Sackville-West.

151. THE ARTS - No. I. London, 1946. 74pp with 76 illus. and 3 PLATES IN FULL COLOR. 12 3/4 x 9 3/4". Contents: E. Pignon, by H. Read. Henry Moore, by Sackville-West. Hopes & Hazards of the British Film, by R. Winnington  $3.00

152. THE ARTS - No. 2. London, 1947. 45pp. with 38 illus. and 17 plates (3 IN FULL COLOR). Contents: Andre Gide: The Lesson of Poussin. Clive Bell: Festina Lente. Hinks:  Mannerism, etc. .....$3.00

153. THE SCULPTURE OF IVAN MESTROVIC.  Limited edition, 29 text pp., 158 illus., 10x14", fine paper, beautifully bound. .....$15.00

154. BLAKE, The Mystic Genius, by Adrian Van Sinderen. The 12 illus. of John Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso magnificently reproduced in full color for first time, also 6 drawings in black & White, the full text of L'Allegro and Il penseroso and a discussion of Blake's life, Philosophy, and work. 128pp., rag paper, fine binding, slip case. .....$25.00

155. NATIVE ARTS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST introductory text by Robert Tyler Davis. Revealing account of the Northwest Coast Indians and Alaska's Eskimos and their art. 200 odd photos, 5 plates in full color, 188pp. 9x11. .....$7.50

156. PLAINS INDIAN PAINTING a Description of an Aboriginal American Art by John Canfield Ewers. 84pp., 44 plates, colored frontispiece. 8 1/2 x 11" .....$4.50

157. TRADITION AND EXPERIMENT IN MODERN SCULPTURE by Charles Seymour, Jr. An exciting introduction to the language of sculpture in traditional and in modern and abstract forms. 70 superb photos (44 full page size) cloth bound .....$3.25

158. GUIDE TO AMERICA edited by Elmer Jenkins, AAA Travel Director. 1949-50. A comprehensive Treasury of Travel Information. .....$3.75

159. JOHN GREENWOOD IN AMERICA by Alan Burroughs, 1943. Historical background career in America, general traits of pictures, checklist of known paintings x-ray shadowgraphs of doubtful and attributed pictures. 87pp., 52 illus. .....$2.00

160. EUROPEAN ARTISTS TEACHING IN AMERICA, 1941. Study of influence on younger generation artists and influence of America on these refugees. Each artist comments on reaction to the New World (200 to 500 words). Albers, Grosz Hayter, Moholy-Nagy, Seligman, Zerbe are among the 14 artists studied .....$2.00

161. SEARCH FOR THE REAL by Hans Hofmann. Edited by Sara T. Weeks and Bartlett H. Hayes, Jr. A brief biographical 
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