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introduction traces Mr. Hofmann's continuing search for the meaning of reality. The evolution of his abstracted idiom is interpreted with numerous ill. Forming an introduction to his doctrines. 92pp., 43pp. ill. I color plate. Cloth .....$4.50

162. EDVARD MUNCH edited by Frederick B. Deknatel. A presentation of the greatest Norwegian artist and major modern painter 100 illus., 6 in color .....$5.00

163. FROM CAVE PAINTING TO COMIC STRIP by Lancelot Hogben. An exciting story of birth and growth of hieroglyphs, alphabets, printing, photography and other arts of graphic communications. 230 illus., 20 in color .....$5.00

164. THE DRAWINGS OF HENRY FUSELI by Paul Ganz. 106 plates, 12 1/2 x 9 3/4 .....$8.50

165. AMERICAN FURNITURE 1650-1850 by Charles Nagel. Traces the development of American furniture for 200 years. 65 illus:. 4 in color .....$2.95

166. THE GROWTH OF TWELVE MASTERPIECES by Charles Johnson. A new kind of art book illustrating stages of 12 masterpieces from da Vinci to Cezanne 61 illus. .....$5.00

167. HORACE PIPPIN by Selden Rodman. 4 color plates, 48 collotype reproductions, 10 text illus. A catalogue raisonne of Horace Pippin's work (Pub. at $12.00) .....$6.00

168. RUFINO TAMAYO by Robert Goldwater, 8 color plates, 80 collotype reproductions 23 text illus. (Pub. at $15.00). .....$7.50

169. JEAN DE LA FONTAINE: SELECTED FABLES illustrated by Alexander Calder (Pub. at $8.50) .....$4.25

170. JOAN MIRO by Clement Greenberg. 6 color plates - one double page, over 100 monochrome reproductions, 136 pp. (Pub. at $10.00) .....$5.00

171. FIVE PRIMITIVE MASTERS by Wilhelm Uhde. Bombois, Bauchant Vivin and Saraphine. 4 color plates. 36 halftones, 94pp. (Pub. at $7.50) .....$3.75

172. MILESTONES OF AMERICAN PAINTING IN OUR CENTURY by Frederick S. Wight, Preface by Lloyd Goodrich, 50 fullpage ill. of the highest quality, with a commentary on the facing page. 132 pp., 50 ill., 12 in color .....$5.00

173. AMERICAN SILVER by John Marshall Phillips. Development of the craft from 17th to 19th Centuries. 65 ill. 4 in color. from leading American collections. 140 pp. .....$2.95

174. GENUINE AND FALSE by Hans Tietze. A valuable analysis of forgeries and of all the techniques of counterfeiting works by art. By the author of the "The Method of Art History." 50 pp., 69 ill., 8 in color .....$3.75

175. OSKAR KOKOSCHKA by James S. Plaut. A biographical and critical appraisal. 96 pp., 48 ill., 8 in color .....$4.50

176. MASTERPIECES OF SCULPTURE FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, Aspects of the Western Tradition 1200-1900 by Charles Seymour, Jr., Preface by David E. Findley. 184pp., 142 pages of ill. consisting of 147 photos of which 78 are enlarged details. Bound in finished buckram, stamped in gold. 9x12 .....$9.75

177. MEDIAEVAL AMERICAN ART by Pal Keleman, 2 vols., A unique comprehensive study of the arts of the Americas, magnificently illustrated. Fine binding. Vol. I, 414 pp. of text; Vol. 2 960 ill. index, revised .....$30.00

178. GAUGUIN by John Rewald. 16 ill. in full color and 160 photogravure plates convey the strong and personal character of Gauguin's art. (Hyperion) .....$6.00

179. GOYA by Jacques Lassaigne, 13 full-color and 64 halftone plates (Hyperion) Published at $6.00 .....$3.00

180. FRA ANGELICO by Germain Bazin. Over 150 ill. 16 in full-color with a masterful critique that penetrates the mystery of the artist. 185 pp., 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 (Hyperion) .....$7.50

181. VERONESE by Antoine Orliac. 16 full-color and 144 halftone reproductions. Formerly $7.50 (Hyperion) .....$5.00

182. SPRING FLOWERS by Arlette Davids. 32 full-color lithographs by a world-famous painter of flowers.( Hyperion .....$3.50

183. ROCK PLANTS by Arlette Davids. 32 full-color plates (Hyperion) .....$3.50

184. FRENCH PAINTING AT THE TIME OF THE IMPRESSIONISTS by Raymond Cogniat (Hyperion) ready late September .....$8.50

185. HISTORY OF PAINTING by Germain Bazin and Rosamund Frost. 2 volumes Vol. I Classic Painting, Vol. II Modern Painting. (Hyperion) ready late September .....$7.00

186. FRANS HALS The Civic Guard Portrait Groups. Forward by H.P. Baard, Keeper of Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Holland. To each of the 6 groups is devoted a double page monochrome reproduction, a key diagram identifying figures and concise notes. 54 plates of which 24 are in full-color. Magnificently printed, cloth bound, stamped in gold, 10 x 13 1/2 .....$6.50

187. DRAWINGS OF THE MASTER SERIES (Hyperion) Each book contains about 80 two-tone facsimilies, 16 pp. introductory text and biographies. FLEMISH DRAWINGS XIV-XVI Centuries, VENETIAN DRAWINGS XIV-XVII Centuries, SPANISH DRAWINGS XV-XIX Centuries, FLORENTINE DRAWINGS XIV-XVII Centuries, FRENCH DRAWINGS the Romantic and Realists of the XIX Century and ENGLISH DRAWINGS OF THE XIX Century EACH .....$2.50

188. THOMAS EAKINS, HIS LIFE AND WORK by Lloyd Goodrich. 225 pp., 73 full pages ill. (1945) .....$5.00

189. WINSLOW HOMER by Lloyd Goodrich, 241 pp., 95 ill. (1944) .....$7.50

190. AMERICAN ARTISTS SERIES FROM WHITNEY MUSEUM, each approximately 20 ill. and 55 pp. George Bellows, Alexander Brook, Glenn O. Coleman, Arthur B. Davies, William J. Glackens, Edward Hopper, Bernard Karfiol, Ernest Lawson, George Luks, Henry Lee McFee, Kenneth Hayes Miller, Maurice Prendergast, H.E. Schn .....each $1.00

191A. LE CORBUSIER, Architect, Painter, Writer by Stamo Papadaki 180 ill. of plans and bldgs., bibliography, list of projects, etc. Essays by Hudnut, Giedion, Leger, Sert and Soby .....$7.50

192. KUNIYOSHI by Lloyd Goodrich. 34 ill. 1 in full color. Biog. note, selected bibliography .....$2.00

193. MAX WEBER by Lloyd Goodrich. Complete biographical and critical study. 37 ill. of most important works in all mediums, 7 1/2 x 10 1/4 .....$2.00

194. DESIGNERS IN BRITAIN compiled by Society of Industrial Artists Vol. 2 A biennial review of graphic and industrial design. 900 ill. (selected from more than 4,000), 34 sections, 292 pp., art paper, linen binding .....$10.00

195. HISTORY OF ART by Elie Faure. Translated by Walter Pach. All 2,300 pp. and 1,200 ill. of original 5 vol. set complete in 2 vol. edition .....$12.50

196. PRINCIPLES OF ART HISTORY by Heinrich Wolfflin. A brilliant analytical method for the study of painting, sculpture and architecture. 256 pp., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4, 150 ill. New re-publication .....$3.95

197. HANDBOOK OF DESIGNS AND DEVICES by Clarence P. Hornung. 2nd rev. ed. 1836 basic geometric patterns and variations. New sections of notes explaining historical backgrounds of plates and their symbolism added .....$3.95

198. AN ALPHABET SOURCE BOOK by Oscar Ogg. A comprehensive collection of hand lettered source alphabets representing
Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact