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ill., 24 excellent color plates ....$6.00

235.  GENIUS AND THE MOBOCRACY by Frank Lloyd Wright, An intensely personal view of Louis H. Sullivan, author of "Kindergarten Chats" and prophet of modern architecture. illustrated by 50 unpublished drawings by Sullivan ...$5.00

236.  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT ON ARCHITECTURE--edited by Frederick Gutheim. 275 pp., covering years from 1894 to 1940 ....$6.00

237.  IN THE NATURE OF MATERIALS by Henry-Russell Hitchcock. About 275 pages, 100 ill. of plans and designs. The buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright from 1897 to 1941 ...$6.75

238.  FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. 561 pp., I ill. ....$6.00

239.  THE EARLY DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE OF CONNECTICUT by J. Frederick Kelly. From the earliest structures to buildings of the Greek Revival. A sourcebook for architects and historians. 230 pp. text, 48 plates, 8 1/2 x 11 ...$18.00

240.  CARL MILLES, SCULPTOR by Meyric R. Rogers. An interpretation of the Swedish artist, with reference to his whole development. Over 225 ill. 80 pp. text, 10 x 14 ...$18.00

241. AMERICAN LANDSCAPE PAINTING by Wolfgang Born. An historical study of native landscape painting, with relation to European influences. 142 ill. 8 1/2 x 11. 240 pp. text...$7.50

242. FOUR THOUSAND YEARS OF CHINA'S ART by Dagny Carter. 260 ill., 389 pp. Pottery & Ceramics, bronzes, sculptures, paintings, lade, silk & textiles, garden, tomb figures, metal and decorative art, buildings ... $7.50

243. GARDENS OF CHINA by Osvald Siren. An important book by one of the world's greatest authorities on China, its history, art and civilization. 363 pp., 289 ill., 11 in color, fine binding, boxed. 9 1/4 x 12 ..... $30.00

244. JEWISH ARTISTS OF THE 19th and 20th CENTURIES by Karl Schwarz. An evaluation of the contribution of the Jewish artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Profusely ill. $4.75

245. ART OF RUSSIA edited and Preface by Helen Rubissow. Complete selection of Russian paintings from the 14th Century icons to works of recent Soviet artists. Russia's creative work during last 6 centuries. 160 full-page ill. ..... $6.00

246. RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURE by Arthur Voyce. A comprehensive survey of main native and foreign architectural currents that have shaped and evolved the specific characteristics of Russian Architecture from its origin to the present day. Profusely ill. ... $5.75

247.  THE ART OF POLAND by Irena Piotrowska. A panorama of Polish art covering painting, architecture, sculpture, and folk art. 160 ill. ..... $6.00

248. NEW ARCHITECTURE AND CITY PLANNING by Paul Zucker. 694 pp., many ill. .... $10.00

249. A SHORT HISTORY OF CHINESE ART by Hugo Munsterberg. Concise yet comprehensive history of Chinese art from prehistoric times to the Manchu Dynasty. Profusely ill. ....$5.00

250. LANDSCAPE - PORTRAIT - STILL-LIFE by Max J. Friedlander. An entirely new view of the categories of printing by the world famous author of "On Art and Connoisseurship." 41 ill. ..... $6.00

251. THREE LECTURES ON MODERN ART by K. S. Dreier, J. J. Sweeney, Naum Gabo. Originally delivered at Yale University. Clarifies the confusion of the many new art forms. Illustrated. ....... $3.75

252. BONNARD, Introduction by Jacques de Laprade. 24 ill. in full color, 11 black and white, 8 1/2 x 11, English text Pub. at $6.00) .... $4.00

253. BRAQUE, Introduction by Stanislaus Fumet. 24 ill. in full color, 11 in black and white, 8 1/2 x 11, text in English (Pub. at $6.00) ..... $4.00

254. PICASSO, Introduction by James Sabartes. 24 ill. in full color, 11 in black and white, 81/2x11 text in English (Pub. at $6.00)................ $4,00

255. PASCIN by Horace Brodsky. First English publication on this outstanding artist. 64 plates in gravure, 81/2x11 (Pub. at $5.00)........................ $3.00

256. FRESCO PAINTING by Olle Nordmark, Modern Methods and techniques for painting in Fresco, etc. Color plates and many practical ill. ....................... $4.75

257. PICTURE FRAMING by Edward Landon. Describes every phase of picture framing from mounting, matting, lining, glass cutting and joining to finishing. Exhaustive information on tools, materials and sources of supply. 257 ill. ......... $2.75

258. MURAL DESIGNS by Edward Bruce and Forbes Watson. An unusal book of representative murals created for the P.W.A. Project by many famous artists. Drawings, sketches and completed works. 131/2x101/2 (Pub. at $15.00) ....... $5.00

259. JOHN STEUART CURRY'S PAGEANT OF AMERICA, by L. E. Schmeckbier. 300 ill., 8 color plates .............. $5.00

260. MAGNASCO - by Dr. Benno Geiger. Monumental collection of the work of this great baroque master. 492 superb reproductions, 28 in full color. Large quarto, 10x13" exquisitely bound. Limitied edition, each is autographed and numbered.... Printed in Italy. ............. $27.50

261. THE SIENA PULPIT - 100 minutely detailed illustrations of the beautiful elaborately sculptured pulpit in the world-famous Siena Cathedral. Italian text. (Pub. at $5.00) ....... $3.50 

262. CANOVA - By Helena Bassi. 144 reproductions in gravure offer a broad sampling of the 19th Century neo-classical sculpture by Antonio Canova. Italian text. Pub. at $5.00) .................. $3.50

263. RAPHAEL- By Sergio Ortolani. This volume contains 150 halftone reproductions and two full color plates of Raphael's greatest paintings, frescoes and drawings, including many of his splendid Madonna's. Italian text. (Pub. at $5.00) ..................... $3.50

264. BOTTICELLI - By Sergio Bettini. The delicate beauty of the Renaissance master is captured in 144 stunnig halftones and two color plates. Included are the "Birth of Venus," "La Primavera." and his many religious works. Italian text. (Pub. at $5.00) ......... $3.50

265. THE TUSCAN MASTERS - Pontormo, Rosso, Beccafumi, and Bronzino. Four outstanding examples of the heights of achievement reached by Renaissance masters, works of these painters. Italian text. (Pub. at $5.00) ........... $3.50

266. THE ART OF THE FRENCH BOOK. - By Andre Lejard, Beautiful volume that traces the history of French book production from the 9th Century illuminated manuscripts to limited editions illustrated by Matisse, Picasso and other modern artists. With 158 fine halftones and 24 plates in full color. 9 1/2x12 1/2", printed in France (Pub. at $7.50) ........... $5.00

267. SWISS MEDIEVAL TAPESTRIES - By Fredric Gysin. Masterpieces of the 15th Century weaver's art. Flawlessly reproduced in color and black and white, with a brief history of their backgrounds. (Pub. at $7.50) ........... $5.00

268. FRENCH TAPESTRY - By Andre Lejard. The magic of the French weaver's art, from its origins to modern coverings by Braque and Picasso, with a history of all the leading artists, designs and methods. 129 plates, many in full color. Printed in France. (Pub. at $7.50) .................. $4.25
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