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269.  PRIMITIVE ART OF THE AMERICAS —— By Raoul D'Harcourt. Hundreds of unusual photographs, several of them in full color, of artistic products of early American civilizations including Inca, Aztec, Amazon, early Mexican and others. Reproduced are masks sculpture, tapestry, rugs pottery, tools, etc. Text in French. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.00

270.  PRIMITIVE ART OF TRIBAL AFRICA —— Marcel Griaule, Fascinating photographic studies of tribal costumes, implements, sacred figures, vessels, paintings, weapons, musical instruments, furniture, etc. Several full color illustrations, scores in black and white. French text.  (Pub. at $6.00) ..... $3.00

271.  PRIMITIVE ART OF AUSTRALIA AND THE PACIFIC ISLES —— By Maurice Leenhardt. The highly developed handicrafts of primitive Pacific tribes which include shrunken heads, masks, totems, hunting equipment, implements of war, garments, etc. in hundreds of unique photos several of them in color. Printed in France, French text (Pub. at $6.00) ..... $3.00

272.  MATISSE PAINTINGS (1939-1946). All the vibrant color and inimitable form of his recent work, magnificently reproduced. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

273.  BRAQUE PAINTINGS (1909-1947). A whole gallery of his Cubist masterpieces (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

274.  LEGER PAINTINGS (1911-1948). An exhibition of the best paintings by the influential French modernist, featured by unique designs and poster-bright color. (Pub. at $6.50)   $3.50

275.  MODIGLIANI PAINTINGS —— Masterpieces of the Expressionist school, intensely felt, in a wide range of warm colors. Includes his best portraits, nudes, etc. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

276.  VUILLARD PAINTINGS (1890-1930). Subtly conceived and richly painted canvasses by one of the greatest Impressionists. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

277.  LES FAUVES PAINTINGS —— The best painting of "The Wild One," Led by Matisse, Derain, Dufy, Vlaminck, Braque and others. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

278.  GAUGUIN PAINTINGS —— A superb selection of his most colorful canvasses including some of the best works of his Tahitian period. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

279. MANET PAINTINGS —— Sixteen brilliant reproductions of these immensely popular works of the great Impressionist. (Pub. at $6.50) .....$3.50

280.  BONNARD PAINTINGS —— masterpieces of modern art, rich in color and vision, and captured with fidelity in these outstanding plates. (Pub. at $6.50) ..... $3.50

281.  MODERN SCULPTURE —— THREE PORTFOLIOS EACH CONTAINING II striking lithographs in duotone, 12x16, self matted. Georg Kolbe, Ernest Barlach, and Wilhelm Lehmbruck. (Pub. at $4.50) ..... $3.00

282.  HANDBOOK OF DESIGNS AND MOTIFS. Intro. by P. K. Tomajan. Nearly 7,000 designs, patterns, and decorative devices —— an invaluable idea and reference book of basic forms for practical use by artists, designers, craftsmen 10¾ x 8¼ ..... $4.50

283.  THE DECORATED LETTER. By Emil A. Van Moe. A magnificent volume of 80 unusual reproductions, 24 of which are in full color, illustrating the most famous illuminated initials in medieval manuscripts from the 8th to the 12th century. Never before available in book form. Printed in France —— English text. ..... $6.50

284.  ROMANESQUE WALL PAINTINGS IN FRANCE. Intro. by Paul-Henry Michel. 100 fine illustrations, 32 in full color, offer a panorama of French fresco art of the 11th and 12th centuries. Printed in France, English text. ..... $6.50

285.  ASIATIC ART. By H.F.E. Visser. Complete and authoritative. Over 450 photos, several in brilliant full color. Detailed descriptions of priceless treasures all over the world. 12½ X 9½". A magnificent volume. (Pub. at $30.00 ..... $13.00

286.  GREAT PAINTINGS IN AMERICA. Ed. by Fiske Kimball & Lionello Venturi. One of the most beautiful volumes of reproductions ever published here. 100 of the finest paintings in America, by the greatest masters of all countries and all ages —— reproduced in full color, anotated with authoritative text, magnificently printed and bound. (Pub. at $20.00)  $9.75

287.  ART OF THE AMERICAS. A pictorial history of art on the American continent from before Columbus' time to the present. Nearly 200 supurb ill., scores in brilliant full color, showing outstanding examples of American culture of every period and region. Art News Annual (Pub. at $5.00) ..... $2.50

288.  BALLET DESIGN —— Past and Present. By Cyril W. Beaumont. An authoritative history of ballet settings, costumes, ect. from the Italian Renaissance to the present, hundreds of halftones and over 50 plates in full color. A monumental work, printed in England, (Pub. at $10.00) ..... $5.00

Pantheon Books

289.  AESTHETICS AND HISTORY IN THE VISUAL ARTS by Bernard Berenson. Informal, general discussion of style and taste in art, the changes in art philosophy and appreciation, etc. 24 ill. ..... $5.00

290.  SKETCH FOR A SELF-PORTRAIT by Bernard Berenson. The enjoyment of art from the famous critic's personal point of view ..... $3.00

291.  ART IN THE EARLY CHURCH by Walter Lowrie. A rewritten and reinterpreted version of "Monuments of the Early Church", out of print since 1940. 500 ill. 7x10 ..... $6.50

292.  ARTISTS ON ART from 15th to 20th Century. An anthology edited by Robert Goldwater and M. Treves. 450 pp., 100 ill. New revised Edition. ..... $4.50

293.  RUBENS IN AMERICA by Jan-Albert Goris and Julius S. Held.  120 Colotype ill. of paintings and drawings ..... $8.50

294.  LOST TREASURES OF EUROPE. A pictorial record, Edited by Henry LaFarge, revised edition. 427 photos ..... $5.00

295.  PICASSO DRAWINGS. A cloth Portfolio of 15 drawings, Blue, Pink, Negro and Abstract periods 10x14 (Pub at $15) ..... $7.00

296.  FEMMES PARISIENNES CONSTANTIN GUYS. Cloth portfolio 24 collotype plates. 11x14 (Pub. at $12.00) ..... $4.50

297.  CEZANNE. Cloth portfolio of 10 watercolor in colors deluxe all rag paper, landscapes, still-lifes, figures, carefully selected. 13x17 (Pub. at $12.50) ..... $6.00

298.  INGRES. Portfolio of 24 drawings selected by Agnes Mongan of Fogg Museum from various collections. Each collotype plate mounted on heavy board. 11x14 (Pub. at $7.50) ..... $4.00

299.  NEW WAYS OF GRAVURE by Stanley W. Hayter. A practical guide to line-engraving, etching, dry point, aquatint, etc. by the well-known graphic artist and teacher. Preface by Herbert Read. 25 diagrams, 100 ill., 4 in full color   $6.50

300.  MARTIN JOHNON HEADE by Robert McIntyre. The first monograph on a recently discovered American painter. 24 ill. Beautifully printed ..... $3.75

301.  RELIGIOUS ART from the 12th to the 18th Century by Emile Male. A compendium from the French art historian's voluminous works on religious sculpture and painting prepared by himself. 250 pp., 50 ill. ..... $4.50

302.  EDUCATION THROUGH ART. by Herbert Read. Art as the basis of education. 116 ill., 4 in color ..... $5.50

303.  PREHISTORIC CAVE PAINTINGS by Max Raphael. A study of prehistoric man interpreted through his art. 48 ill. ..... $7.50
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