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432 Fourth Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. 
Phone: LExington 2-6832

November 28, 1959

Dear Member:

The 48th Annual Meeting will be held in New York, N.Y., January 28, 29 and 30, 1960, with headquarters at the Sheraton-Atlantic Hotel (formerly the McAlpin), reservation card enclosed. Members are urged to make their reservations immediately for no unreserved rooms will be held for them after January 15. The hotel retains the right to let these rooms to others after that date.

The Society of Architectural Historians is meeting concurrently with us as previously. The two programs have been carefully dovetailed to provide that sessions of mutual interest will not conflict. In addition, members of the American Studies Association and the Renaissance Society of America have been invited to share in our meetings.

There will be a registration fee of $2.00 per person. The banquet, which will be held Friday evening, January 29th at the Sheraton-Atlantic Hotel, will be preceded by a cocktail party. Banquet tickets are $6.50, including tax and gratuity.

You are strongly urged to attend the business meeting at the Sheraton-Atlantic Hotel, Friday, January 29th at 4:30 p.m., when a number of unusually interesting matters are to be discussed.  

We realize that certain facets of art history and practice are not represented on the program, but hope you agree that it is impossible to represent them all each year.  If you have suggestions for new panels, or panels that should be repeated from past years, please do not hesitate to write them to our Business Manager, Gene J. Lessard. 

With best regards,

Charles Parkhurst
Charles P. Parkhurst

Honorary Directors

Myrtilla Avery
Walter W. S. Cook
Paul J. Sachs


President: Charles P. Parkhurst
Vice-President: Howard McP. Davis
Secretary: Bartlett H. Hayes
Treasurer: John W. Straus

Honorary Council
Robert E. Herman

Roberta M. Alford
Richard F. Brown
David R. Coffin
Lamar Dodd
Lorenz E. A. Eitner
Robert Goldwater
Frederick Hartt
R. H. Hubbard
H. W. Janson
Dorothy Miner
Thomas Munro
Erwin Panofsky
Vincent Scully
Peter H. Selz
Charles Seymour, Jr.
Seymour Slive
G. Stephan Vickers
Robert W. Walker


James S. Ackerman, Editor

Henry R. Hope, Editor


Business Manager 
Gene J. Lessard