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Speakers: William C. Loerke, University of Pittsburgh.
Some Aspects of Word and Image in Medieval Art
Eleanor S. Greenhill, University of Chicago.
The Provenance of a Gothic Head in the Art Institute, Chicago
Georgia R. Sommers, Columbia University.
Saint Louis and the Royal Tombs at St.-Denis
Stephen K. Scher, Brown University
Andre Beauneveu in Bourges; A Re-Evaluation

CAA   THE TRADITIONS AND CONTEMPORARY ART - Georgian Ballroom “B”, Americana Hotel.

Chairman: Allan Kaprow, State University of New York, Stony Brook.

Speakers: Dore Ashton, Critic. A Chambered Nautilus of Modern Art
Allan Kaprow, State University of New York, Stony Brook
The Radical Use of the Past
Billy Kluver.
The Great Northeastern Power Failure
Irving Sandler, Critic.
Tradition and Innovation in Abstract Expressionism

9:30 - 12:00
SAH  TOWARD MODERN ARCHITECTURE: 1885-1915 - Royal Ballroom, Americana Hotel.
Chairman: Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Columbia University.


2:00 - 4:30
SAH  DESIGN IN OPEN SPACE - Royal Ballroom, Americana Hotel.
Chairman: Carl Feiss, F. A. I. A., Washington, D. C.

2:30 - 4:30
CAA  RENAISSANCE ART - Georgian Ballroom “A”, Americana Hotel.
Chairman: Millard Meiss, Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study.
Speakers: Hellmut Wohl, Cooper Union Art Schools.
Domenico Veneziano
H. W. Janson, New York University.
The Perspective Construction of Masaccio’s Trinity
Samuel Y. Edgerton, Jr., Boston University
Alberti’s Perspective: A New Find
John Coolidge, Harvard University.
Masaccio’s Trinity
Jan Bialostocki, National Museum of Art, Warsaw: Visiting Professor, Yale University.
Nereids in Renaissance Sepulchral Art

CAA  NEAR EASTERN ART - Georgian Ballroom “B”, Americana Hotel.

Chairman: Oleg Grabar, University of Michigan.

Speakers: Edward L. B. Terrace, Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Late Egyptian Art: New Acquisitions in the Boston Museum.
Bernard V. Bothmer, Brooklyn Museum.
The Egyptian Origin of Veristic Portraiture
Edith Porada, Columbia University.
Problems of Iranian Art
Prudence Harper, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Some Aspects of Foreign Influences in the Art of Sasanian Iran
Lisa Volow, The University of Michigan.
Three Individual Styles in Persian Painting

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