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January 4, 1939

Dear Mr. Cooper:

Your letter of December 6th has been referred to me by Mr. de Hauke who received it just a few days before he sailed back to Europe and, therefore, was unable to answer it himself.

I am afraid I am responsible for No. 12 being misplaced in the catalogue, and may I point out for your information that No. 9 is likewise misplaced and should be dated 1913.  This was occasioned by the fact that the catalogue went to press before the arrival of certain of the pictures and, therefore, we could only date them by comparing photographs with certain others.  

I am enclosing under separate cover photographs of:-

No. 3 "Nature Morte, Le Matin" owned by Mr. André Lefevre
15 "Nature Morte à la Potiche"

Regarding No. 8, although I have a photograph on hand, I have to get permission from the Museum of Modern Art who own the picture before I can release the photograph. Likewise No. 9 which is owned by the Smith College Museum of Art and No. 11 (although I have no photograph of this latter). Perhaps it would be better if you write directly to Mr. Jere Abbot, Director of the Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Mass., asking him for these two photographs. 

As for No. 26 of our catalogue, "Place Pigalle", this is the only picture which was never photographed as it arrived only a day or two before the exhibition opened and we did not have time to reproduce it in the catalogue. However, if you write to Mr. Walter C. Arensberg, perhaps he could give you the photograph.

I am also enclosing the print which you asked for of Juan Gris himself which formed the frontispiece of the catalogue.

The following are the addresses you asked for:-


[[handwritten mark]]

[[//handwritten mark]]

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