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What is Art?
As the Irish answer their own questions -- LIFE.
To begin with -- I would like to make it very clear [[insert underlined]] what [[/insert underlined]] the Betty Parsons Gallery stands for. 
Each Artist connected with [[strikethrough]] this ^[[my]] [[strikethrough "my"]] ^[[the]] Gallery is trying to communicate what he has found significant in his life, [[strikethrough]] otherwise I am not interested. [[/strikethrough]]  [[insertion]] This is what makes This [[strikethrough]] importan [[strikethrouh]] makes the content important. [[strikethrough]] This is what we must [[strive ?]] [[/strikethrough]] for - [[/insertion]] You will ask on what basis do I decide -- I can only answer on what these paintings make me feel.  They may leave [[insert underlined]] you [[/insert underlined]] cold, but that is my decision, and my decision is based on twenty-five years of preocupation with this subject, and a passionate interest in this very mysterious thing, the creative, which is simply a receptive attitude toward life -- and I don't care what they are receptive [[strikethrough]] to ^[[about]] [[strikethrough "about"]] ^[[To]] as long as it is [[underline]] ALIVE [[[/underline]] underlined. ^[[circled]] [[1]] [[/circled]] ^[[*]] repeat - [[/insertion]] Visit the Gallery at any time and you will find this demonstrated, as each [[insert underline]] Artist [[/insert underline]] that I [[strikethrough]] sh ow [[/strikethrough]] ^[[show]] MUST commit himself in this way.
To change the subject I took a trip this summer through the Middle West [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] ^[[,]] Middle South and Deep South.  I found the Museums and Institutions , venerable, respecting the past, encouraging the regional and provincial [[insert underline]] but [[/insert underline]] neglecting the National and contemporary scene, except for the over extablished name.  It seems to me a GREAT pity that whatever the audience happens to be in these places have [[underlined]] NO [[/underlined]] opportunity of seeing what goes on creatively on other places.  I would like to mention that the energy and vitality creatively in whatever area I touched was evident.  I only wish that there was more enterprise and conviction with those in authority and the 

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