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Deaf Tent June 25, 1981 Tape #2 of 4

Traditional Deaf Folk Theater cont'd

Jan DeLap - Studio 101 Group, Interpreter: John Ennis
Hearing Aids - The Listening Horn - Dick Moore, Stephen Jones
The Body Aid: Elizabeth Hathaway, Stephen Jones, Dick Moore
Wonderful Worl of Miniaturization: J. DeLap

Questions from Audience - Interpreters - John Ennis 
and Sheila Grinell

Stories for Videotape
[[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] Fred Henry from Baltimore
[[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] Lynn Jacobowitz from New York
(Tape started late)
(Story Stopped - Videotape Problems)
Then Resumed
[[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] Edith Bley (Sp.?) - Baltimore

Signlore and Storytelling Jo Radner, Presenter
Jan DeLap and Studio 101 Performers
Signed Folklore   Interpreter: Sheila Grinell
Skits: Honeymooners: Dick Moore
Blowing out the candle: Elizabeth Hathaway
Hazards of Lip Reading: Jan DeLap, Dick Moore, Elizabeth Hathaway

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