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World's Record Established When
14-Year-Old Girl Ascends with
Coffyn at Country Club.
Syndicate In Michigan Aero Organization Probably
Will Engage Aviator to Teach Them and Air
Trips Will be Regular Thing.
A syndicate in the Michigan Aero club will purchase an aeroplane and continue flights here all summer.

An aviator will be engaged, but the men themselves will learn to fly.

The Grosse Pointe colony is wildly enthusiastic over the new sport and the early salutation is: "Good morning, have you 'planed yet?"

Detroit takes the lead in aviation as a purely sporting proposition.

Wright biplane in use at the Country club shows the wonderful advancement made in the science of flying within the year.

Miss Josephine Alger, 14-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Alger, bears the distinction of being the youngest person to be taken aloft in an aeroplane in this country.

Maids and matrons, beaus and husbands, trek through the dewy grass in the early morning to participate in and watch the flights.

Harry Evans, enthusiastic golfer, cares not for the 'plane and pounds pills while aviators circle over him.
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Those Who Made Flights [[?]]
Miss Josephine Alger
Mrs. E. B. Barbour
L. S. George
A. H. MacCauley
P. H. McMillan
Maurice McMillan
L. M. Hamlin
C. H. Taylor
F. C. Benzer
It's "Good morning, have
'planed yet?" out in Grosse Pointe
now. On the broad verandas of
Country club, in the beautiful,
surrounded homes of the Pointe
motor cars whirring along the [[?]]
roads, there is only one topic of
conversation, All the ordinary am
ments have been shelved, all the 
things talked about are forgotten
big, Wright bi-plane soaring over
green award of the golf links and 
trees and farms to the north is
center of interest
Its flights started Monday morning
continued Monday evening and 
resumed on Tuesday morning. W
Aviator Coffyn pulled off his g
gogglese [[goggles]] and stopped his engine
the conclusion
of Tuesday morning
flights he had taken aloft 21 [[?]]
in the three series, five of them
en, and had established a number
new American records. Here are
of them:
First purely sporting aviator 
meet ever held in the world
Youngest person to go up in
country makes trip.
Greatest number of passengers
ever taken aloft in the same 
of time.
Greatest number of flights by
aeroplane without overhauling
without setback
Greatest accuracy in land
ever attained by an American
ator. Eight times in success
Mr. Coffyn brought his machine
a stop within five feet of a 

Syndicate to Be Formed
As a result of this great [[exhibit?]]
and the enthusiasm that
aroused, preliminary steps were
Tuesday morning for the [[formally?]]
a syndicate within the members
the Michigan Aero club for the
chase of an aeroplane and the 
ration of a series of flights
all summer
It is probable that the aeroplane
use at present will be purchased
Frank Coffyn, who is now the
Grosse Pointe, engaged to conduct
flights. In addition to taking passengers aloft the aviator will act as
instructor to those who wish to [[lead?]]
fly--and there are many of [[the?]]
the Aero club
The desire for the 'plane grow
of the demand for longer
made by those who have already
enjoyed a trip in the air at the 
country club
"I want to go across country
declared Wm. E. Metzger. w
one of the most enthusiastic f
ers of aviation in Detroit. "I
to enjoy the pleasure of 
tended trip in the air."
And out of that statement
grew the plans for the purchase
the aeroplane
While there is nothing
about the plans, yet some
men included in the syndicate
Russel A. Alger, Fred M. 
Wn. Metzger, R. D. [[Chap?]]
D. Bezner, Howard E. Coffin.
Lewis and C. H, Taylor.
The meet is only one
kind ever held in the world. 
with passengers has heretofore
place, even in France, only
aviation scools [[schools]] and strictly
monetary proposition. Some
have also been taken aloft
various professional aviation
held in this country and Europe

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