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a tent for the girls to sleep in when night found them.

5  The trip was well planned by the publicity men in such matters as having the governors of various states through which 'Lady Overland' passed on hand to greet the adventurers. However, gas stations and restaurants were few and far between. Although the car was a stock model of the day, a trunk was added for picnic lunches and for gas, oil and other necessities.

to have a 'pilot' car precede me through the desert."
6  The picture above shows the ladies on the last lap of their journey, in the rocky terrain of the Nevada desert. At times, on a few hard-packed sandy roads 'Lady Overland' approached a speed of 50 miles per hour.
Top mileage for the day was 260 miles, lowest 14. In San Francisco they were greeted with enthusiasm by the city fathers and the citizens. Mrs. Scott later became the first woman in the country to pilot an airplane.

Laughing Matter By Salo
"I picked up the needle and they both fainted."

On the Side--
Why Must Gravel Gerties Butt Into Hubby's Yarns?

WHY do so many wives delight in interrupting their husband's stories and conversation especially in mixed gatherings?" writes a Chicagoan. "This is a bad enough habit but when it is combined with the rasping gravel voices some women possess it becomes exasperating and nerve wracking to such a point that many times I have been tempted to clip one of these 'gravel gerties' across the kisser. There should be a school for wives where the main course would be the cultivation of a well modulated speaking voice and the ability to become a good listener."


IRISH GOLFERS: Fred Daly, winner of the 1946 open golf championship of Ireland, is the first native Irishman to win that title. And it is said that Fred is really more than half Scotch. Why is it that Irishmen are generally poor golf players? Are they too temperamental? Are they lacking the ability to be cool, calm and collected in critical moments? Or what?


PASSING BY: Jeanne Stewart, actress from London, said to be on the verge of becoming Lady Carnarvon. Her husband to be is the sixth Lord Carnarvon. The fifth Lord Carnarvon figured in the news some years ago in connection with the digging up of King Tutankh-amen's tomb. He died of an insect bite received at the time... Ted Atkinson, one of the three greatest jockeys in the country. He has been up to his neck in historical associations lately. Has been living at a hotel in Red Bank, N. J., named after Molly Pitcher and has been riding for the Roeblings of the engineering family that build the Brooklyn bridge.


SIDELIGHTS: As to the origin of "hubba hubba" I believe, after investigation, it is a phrase originally used by natives of certain sections of the South Pacific area and means "hurry! hurry!"... Old New Yorker says "Eat 'Em Up" Jack McManus was floor manager or bouncer for the New Brighton dance hall on Great Jones St., Manhattan, run by Paul Kelly, around  the turn of the century. When in a rough and tumble fight McManus had a habit of biting his opponent. Hence his nickname.

decidedly below average, Dr. Crane if you will tell me what to do, I promise you that I will carry out your advice to the letter."

Andrew's case is so commonly encountered that I shall give special emphasis to it today.
The secret of winning friends and becoming popular, lies in this important psychological law: "Whenever you leave a person feeling more satisfied with himself as a result of his contact with you, he will like you."
Some people, like the Prodigal Son, try to buy friends with gifts or favors, only to learn later that their fawning and flattering associates cared only for the bribes but not for those who made the gifts. Such donors have failed to understand the importance of that phrase,
"more satisfied with himself."
In short, a word of honest praise or commendation for our neighbor, makes him "more satisfied with himself" than the loan of our lawnmower, the gift of money, or other favors which we dispense to him.
Many people who wish to make friends in a new crowd, will begin boasting about their wealth or imported frocks, their new motor car and summer tour of Europe or Yosemite, their college sorority or their fraternity pin.
They erroneously think that if they show off their talents and prove that they are rich or educated or well traveled, then the crowd will stampede toward them in an effort to make friends with them.

Join the Compliment Club
It doesn't work out this way.
Why? Because our boasting doesn't make our neighbor "more satisfied with himself." On the contrary it tends, to make him more dissatisfied! He may even feel so irritated that he then projects his resentment upon us, calling us "stuck up," snobbish, highhat, etc.
Showing off our good points is advisable in winning friends, only if it be done very indirectly and with the aim of giving more weight to compliments which we pay to our neighbors.
A few years ago, as a very profitable experiment in my Social Psychology classes at Northwestern, I organized the Compliment Club.
My students in the class agreed for a 30-day period to pay three compliments each day to those around them, such as parents, brothers and sisters, the gardener, the cook, the waitress at the restaurant, the street car conductor, fellow workers at the office of factory and elsewhere.
They were often astounded by the result of this 30-day experiment.
They found themselves growing more extroverted. They began developing a habit of looking for good things in their associates.
They became more attentive to people and less self-centered or egotistical. Consequently, they were less self-conscious and embarrassed in crowds. And they began to win friends by making their neighbors happy.
If you wish to enroll in the Compliment Club, write for the application blank and other materials, enclosing a 3c stamped envelope, plus a dime.
It can start you on the road to social success and popularity. It is also a lot of fun to enroll an entire group, such as your family, Sunday school class, Boy Scout troop, etc.

At a beauty contest in Paris the girl in the upper-right hand corner of this page was selected winner by the judges. However, the Parisian newspaper reporters objected and held a contest of their own right on the spot. They selected the young miss, above, Mlle. Yvette Girodeau, as their favorite. Here's a chance for all the amateur beauty judges to hold a contest of their own.
Who had the best eye, the regular judges or the scribes?

Psychic Chipmunks
The chipmunks at the Oregon Caves disappeared during the war years when the resort was closed and there were no visitors, or free meals.
Now the chipmunks must be spreading word through the Siskyou Mountains that the visitors are back at the caves.
They are back in full force, too.

You Are My Joy

I know I shall be happy and my dreams will all come true
...As long as you belong to me and I belong to you...
As long as I can see you in the sun that lights the sky...
And feel your friendly presence in the winds that wander by... And while the river wends its way among the fields and trees...To paint your picture in the heart of all my memories... I shall not want for anything as long as you are near... And you will let me share with you your every smile and tear...
As long as you believe in me and everything I do... And just as long as you return the love I have for you.

decade be more than a quarter of a mile long, substantially larger than the Queen Elizabeth, with a speed connecting Europe and the United States in 3 1/2 days. That's a dream probably forever postponed.


It sounds more like Hitler, but is was riproaring Teddy Roosevelt who as President once told the Naval War College that no triumph of peace could be "quite so great as the supreme triumphs of war."


It was the custom of the famed British swindler, J. Bromfield Wood, who'd spent half of his life in jails, to write each newly appointed English judge and compliment and congratulate him on his appointment-in behalf of the underworld.


One of the world's largest flower growers, Harry Dale of Ontario, managed to brand the finest quality of roses that he wholesaled. It was accomplished with a punch, not unlike a railroad conductor's which perforated the name "Dale" on the rose leaves, constituting a trade mark.

Elizabeth Woodward Says:

He Won't Run With Pack
BILL doesn't like the crowd you run around with.
All the kids from school, from your school, run around together... and you have high times. But Bill's your lovelife... and he goes to another school. 
When you run with the pack, it's your school crowd.
When you date solo it's always with Bill. But never the twain shall mix!
He just doesn't like them. He doesn't know them very well, of course. His own gang as school and yours have practically never even heard of each other. Their trails just don't happen to cross. But you want Bill to know your friends...and you'd like to have him like them. But fat chance. Every time you suggest that he go along with your pals, he refuses flatly.


They Don't Care
It may be that he's made to feel like an outsider, you know. Some gangs are such close-knit corporations that they're just not aware that anyone else exists outside of their circle. The things they do are the only things worth doing. The people they know are the only ones worth talking about. They have a language of their own private jokes...
their own nicknames for each other and the places they go. It's all jinto to someone from the outside world. And Bill is just that.
Your friends may welcome Bill, because he's your friend.  But they won't make him feel part of the gang. He's just your friend... and that's not quite enough. So they keep right on talking about things he doesn't know... they keep right on buzzing about their own inside information. They don't include Bill. And no matter how hard you work at it... you can't put it over alone.
So, of course Bill doesn't like it. Nobody likes being made to feel an outlander.

Try It Yourself
You've thought all along that Bill was the one who as wrong. He had something against your friends that you didn't understand. Maybe he told you he couldn't stand Lena's laugh... and Ted McGuire drives him nuts. Maybe he didn't understand himself that is was the gang's attitude that bothered him.
Alone with you, Bill comes into his own. You care what he thinks and how he feels. You laugh with him at his jokes. You make him feel comfy and warm and alive. It's that gang of yours that chills him to the bone. So it's not poor Bill's fault.
If you can't see it yet... take a stab at running around with Bill's gang. See how they leave you out. They'll treat you to a dose of icicles that will child you thoroughly. Then you'll see why it's safer to isolate your Bill... and enjoy him alone.

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