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New York—Day by Day

Cheese Wheeze
NOV 18 '84

By Frank Farrell

There's still hope for Aline (Pat) Rhonie's history-of-aviation mural, but it's going to take some crafty Italians and about $2000 worth of cheese for the salvage operation ...

[[caption]] Frank Farrell [[/caption]]

Through the courtesy of Bill Zeckendorf, the 125x20-foot paint job still clings to a wall in a Roosevelt Field hangar .... But since that airdrome began looking more and more like a housing development, aviatrix-artist Pat Rhonie has been zooming from expert to expert, wondering if her celebrated daubing could be saved.... She finally located a team of art restorers in an Italian museum who said they could do the "impossible" by smearing the wall with a heavy coat of cheese.  And after hardening the cheese they could hack away the wall from the mural, then transfer the cheese with painting attached to another wall... That left Miss Rhonie with only three problems.  She had to find money for the project, find a new wall with permanent prospects and postpone demolition of the old Roosevelt hangar until the operation could be performed... A line in this column recently brought her plight to attention of pioneer aviatrix Blanche Scott, who contacted Miss Rhonie the other day and advised that the new Wright-Patterson aviation museum in Dayton was interested in the mural.... So Pat has only two remaining stumbling blocks delaying rescue of the paint job that took the pretty pilot almost three years and about $10,000 worth of materials to complete a couple of decades ago.

* * *

[[caption]] Jones [[/caption]]
[[caption]] Scholl [[/caption]]

MGM execs, who snared the original option to film "Kismet," bought up the additional rights for $100,000. ... Jennifer Jones has been tagged for leading lady in the movie version of "Bell, Book and Candle" after she completes her Broadway run in the forthcoming "Portrait of a Lady." ... Janis Paige gets my vote for pinup-gal-of-the-year after a glimpse of her luscious color photo in Esquire's holiday issue. ... Picking a convenient date for December's roundup of "21's" Chuckwagon Glee Club, according to prexy Peter Donald, was as tough as locating an Irish Free State flea in Schweppe Cmdr. Whitehead's beard. ... Baroness Garnett Stackelberg, the beautiful Washington and New York hostess, has signed up as social director for Miami's new beach palace, the Golden Gate.  It premieres this weekend with planeloads of celebs junketing Floridaward from Northern capitals. ... Barbara (Teahouse) Luna and minstrel boy Danny Scholl prefer their loaf of bread and jug of wine in Leone's after theater. ... When another actor in "The Flowering Peach" asked what Menascha Skulnik had given his wife for a recent birthday present, Mrs. S. deadpanned: "A dozen beautiful arguments."

* * *

Kathryn Grayson became an aunt for the 16th time, thanks to Mrs. Sid Kurstin, her sister. ... Mickey Spillane has been signed to narrate one of his yarns on a Columbia recording with his own mood music in the background. ... Barbara Stanwyck's "Escape to Burma" for RKO will be her 70th film-making. ... Everybody wondered who the gentle folks were at a Copa table set practically in the middle of the dance floor.  It was the party of a professor from Brooklyn College, where comic Morty Gunty matriculated and taught school before turning cafe clown. ... Playwright John Cecil Holm won't let anybody cut his hair, except Mrs. H. ... Billy Reed, whose last singer in the Little Club was then unknown Doris Day, revives entertainment policy in the saloon next Monday with L'Apache, a protege of Carmel Myers, at the mike.
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