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In fact, the plane I have here for the Aviation Show is an exact duplicate of the Bendix winner. We stepped out of the ship in Los Angeles 14 hours out of New York as clean and as rested as when we left.

I think the real reason we won the Bendix this year is my six year old son, Bill. The night before the start of the Race his Grandmother said, "Bill, be sure and pray for your mother tonight." Bill said, "Huh, I already have, and asked God to let her pass everybody in the Race." A few days later at school some of the little boys were teasing Bill about his prayer. He gave them a disgusted look and said, "Well, it worked, didn't it?"

Which reminds me that our children are going to fly just as we learned to drive the family car. And we parents must keep abreast of the times, which means flying, if we expect to keep up with our children. And that is no idle statement. I wouldn't be afraid to wager that the normal eight-year-old knows more about airplanes and flying that you who are listening to me.

Don't be afraid to fly! It is not a breath taking, harrowing ordeal. You will be surprised at the lack of sensation. (MORE)
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