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Enticing him to the shooting gallery was simplicity itself. Just as an ed and expected, a crowd collected just as it had the night before. kplayed my part of the act. Again I asked Tom to get us out of there, He, bless, his bea utiful  soul, should have been recieved an Oscar for his performance in the role. It was without flaw. "All right. I know a place near here were we can sit and have a nice cool drink. Then taking hold of Martin's arm, he said, "Come along, Glann [[Glenn]]. It's a very interesting place to see, I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

Poor Glenn. He'd been pretty well mellowed into a genial mood byk  the admiring remarks over his shooting skills, any ideas he migh t have had about refusing were quickly brushed along and he was xwept along with the group as we all trouped over to the dance hall. 

As we started down from the landing, our waitress who had been watching for us, let out a loud scream, rushed halfway up to the curving stairway, threw her arms very tightly around Martin's neck and cried,:"Glenn. Glenn Martin'"

Proor Glenn st ruggled with her, trying hard to unwind himself from her clutches, and at the sam  time trying blushingly that he didn't know who this woman was,...that he'd never seen her before in his life.   We finally managed to her our table' Glenn still insisting that he hadn't the faintest notion of what it was all about. While we, each one of us devils, insincerely agreeing with him, assuring him, " f  course you don't Glenn. You'ldn't know THAT kind of woman."   But the waitress was out for the other half of the ten dollar bill.  She continued her persecution of the poor man until he was ready to sink through the floor. 

"Oh Glenny, don't say you don't remember ME!" Do you still live in Santa Anna. I'll never forget the time your mother caught us back of the woodpile in the back lot of your farm.", then she playfully slapped him on the shoulder and gigled, "Oh Glenny, you were such a naughty boy."
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