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a young man, and so help me Hanna, I thought I was in love. I dashed back to the hotel, looked up the trains and packed. I discovered that if I really put on the speed I could catch the next one.

As I was coming through the lobby, the hotel manager reached out and caught my arm, "Mrs. Scott", he said, "I want you to meet someone this is Governor Johnson, the Governor of California."

The Governor had his hand outsttretched and then I almost committed the faux pax of my life.

"How do you do Governor", I said hastily, "I'm very happy to meet you...sorry, I can't stop for a very pleasant chat but I've got to really run if I want to catch my train".

I practically brushed him aside as I dashed out of the hotel to grab a cab to the station.  I'd been so concerned with my own personal affairs that I forgot at the time, that one doesn't casually treat the Governor of a great state that way...that is..unless you want to go into social limbo forever and a day. This I was brought to realize several weeks later.  It turned out to be most embarrassing.

I was visiting in Long Beach, California having luncheon at the then very popular Virginia Hotel, when a friend came over and asked me to come meet a friend of hers. As we appraoched their table, I was puzzled to hear her friend heartily laughing.

"I've been dying to meet you Mrs. Scott," she said, "I wanted to meet someone who could put my dictatorial father in his place. H's [[sic]] the Governor you know, and he came home the night you met him at the Sacramento Hotel, laughing his head off and saying 'have I ever been snubbed! I met that girl flyer that's here this week and when I was introduced, she said, 'Sorry, I've got to run, Naturally, I've been curious ever since then."

Later on in the year I was to become better acquainted with the Governor's daughter and she frequently regaled me with some very 
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