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& heading the Budhist Temple the past 45 years - mentioned Tazore.


January 12

[[strikethrough]] Tour - 9.30 AM [[/strikethrough]] - 'El Paradiso'
'God's Happy Land' the view at Pali' (cool cliff) with its smiling valley - the green mountains - the mists crowning some - the cobalt & cerulean waters & the red soil are unforgettable. (Faces & figures in Rock ptgs.) Interesting facts to know - quarter of a million pop. in Oahu - 100,000 students in schools - required to attend school until 16 yrs. of age - Mormon group - 15,000 with handsome Mormon Temple & Gardens. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel used to be the Royal Gardens. (Honolulu - means Cool Haven)

Language pronounced quite like Spanish.

Enjoyed every moment of the tour, could not possibly have seen as much of the Island if I had been here for weeks, otherwise, I like particularly, the smiling hospitality of the natives. They are very charming - as all mixed races are bound to be. Chinese, Japanese, Caucasians, Polynesians, Samoans etc. all intermarried & living peaceably side by side. Could it be otherwise in the light of the beneficent aspect of nature, the pervading calm beauty surrounding one?


Wed. Nov. 17-     
Wed. Nov. 17
[[strikethrough]] January [[/strikethrough]] 13

9.30 AirPort Honolulu to Tokyo.

I learned that one can weigh in one's baggage with a friend & so avoid paying some overweight. It was fortunate for me. Also it is nice that Mr. Hoageland seems to have put thru a message via PAA to have my trip made as pleasant as possible. The captains on the planes, on the way, have been extremely pleasant. On the plane this trip are a charming group of Argentine musicians (popular) booked to play in the theatres. They are as lively & personable as can be There was a quiet period for about two hours during the entire night - then - lights on & conversation. The stewardesses are completely bewildered by them 'Good gracious, we've never seen anything like it, before!' Within a half hour we will be landing in Wake Island for break fast - then - onto Tokyo.

11.20 Tokyo time - due to land at 12'
The mist & fog is so heavy, it is a wonder to me how we will land. The plane is looping the loop & one can't help but feel insecure. We finally circled the field for 15 minutes before it could land and long experienced fliers told me it was one of their worst experiences. I didn't find it too bad -         
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