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Jan. 10  
[[/strikethrough]] June 30 [[/strikethrough]]

unique & successful experiment. (somewhat similar to the Kibbutz) The men were mostly young, in their twenties, primitive looking, bare footed on earth floors of the buildings which, however, are surprisingly cool - immense ceilings, & airy.

Incidentally, at lunch, Hacohen has discussed Tito. He told of the recent conference to which Israel had been excluded (due to influence of 2 Pakistanians - named Ali) In speaking of them - Hacohen, instead of showing anger, laughed it off, saying that the future of Israel would not be influenced by these two 'Ali Babas'. The joke has gone round the dinner tables & reached Tito, as well. Also Bracha, talking about tomorrow's dinner party at her home - (all ambassadors) laughed, saying she dreads having 12 such "shticker' (lumps) at one time. Amusing behind the scene diplomacy.


Monday Jan. 10
[[/strikethrough]] July 1 [[/strikethrough]]

Eve - dinner party at Macarther & Tamara (Tammy) Carmen's house. She is the mad Russian. In late forties, pitifully thin (says she has lost 34 lbs - with false teeth (Her own just removed due to illness) Pockmarked nose, dark brown hair, & beautiful blue eyes. Clever, talkative, tactless, flirtatious & I suspect, a nympho. Charming - to a hypnotic degree when she wants to be, in spite of her handicaps. She was born in Italy, speaks Russian, Italian, French, & German - Claims to be a 'Sauvage' 

I was touched by her gesture towards me. During the evening - we had had no conversation previously, she approached me & taking my hand, put a jade ring on my finger, asking me to please accept it. It is a costume piece - not precious, but I ordinarily would not be capable of accepting a gift. There was a sympathy at the moment, however, & she was
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