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Benares - Clark's Hotel
Calcutta - Great Eastern 6.00 single includes meals & tea.
New Delhi - Imperial 6.00
Tel Aviv - [[strikethrough]] Sharon [[/strikethrough]] (Israli Garden) Garcon - 
Athens - King George
Jerusalem - King David
Haifa - Megiddo
Jerusalem - President Hotel 
Rome - Flora or Ambassador (Excelsior)
Athens - Hotel Grande Bretagne
Istanbul - Park Hotel
Nice - Royal
Madrid - [[strikethrough]] Ritz [[/strikethrough]] Palace 6.25 daily - Eur. Plan - Room only.
Barcelona - Rita - 5.00 daily - Amer. plan with food.
Lisbon - Hotel Imperio - 6.00 Amer. with food
(Side trip
(Toledo - House of El Greco, Cathedral Church of Savés Tomé, Jewish [[strikethrough]] Cathedral [[/strikethrough]] Synagogue.
El Escorial - monastery palace, Avila The walled in city.
Barcelona - Gotten Cathedral, Monastery of Moutsence 
Bull fights (For Madrid typical daily - La Taberna Gitana -

Bermuda - Elbow Beach Surf Club. $14.-23.00 Amer. plan or Princess Hotel & Cottages & Belmont Manor -

Cable Natecon - Rangoon
Delivery 24 Cheape Road [[marginalia]] 1/75 [[/marginalia]]

{Rena Proza - Sec. to Israel Embassy
{Mr. Sasoon - Israeli Minister.

U hu - oil 31 x 46
U hu - Black & white 32x45 charcoal
Mrs. Patricia Gor-Bootes oil 20x24
Mr. Jospeh (Beata) Welsing 24x24 - charcoal
Anne Welsing, 24x24 charcoal
David & Bradea Hacohen 20x24 - wash -
Bradea Hacohen 20x24 charcoal
Robert Nathan 20x24 charcoal
Mrs. Macarther (Tamara) Carruen 24x24 charcoal, watercolor.
Mr. Andre Nicoleter, 20x24, charcoal
Dorothy & children, oil, 30x40
Miss Mary Caudle oil, 27 1/2x39 1/2
Lucy Hla Maung oil, 29 1/2x39 1/2
Marion and Louisa, 24x24 charcoal.
Rose Tun Tha 20x24 charcoal 

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