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Rows of Black crows
Scavengers in the scented sunlight

Slow, Slow the langourous days
Flowers, the Banyan Trees,
Golden, walking Buddhas in saffron robes,
The rice begging bowls

Color, color, The golden Shroedagon
The BoƩ, [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] the dancing girls
Slender enchantresses against the
ancient stringed instruments & cymbals.

Barking of dogs running in the
velvety darkness [[strikethrough]] of starry nights [[/strikethrough]]
The sound of the gong shattering the
heavy silence of the night


Rangoon. U Nu (continued.)

Sunday - May 6th, U Nu

U Nu called his secretary in to look at the portrait, while looking at it in a wondering fashion. You know, he said, this has been a great education for me, to see how you work and approach your subject. Tell me, what do you see in my face - I don't know, myself - what it reveals."

"Well, Mr. Prime Minister, I answered, I don't know whether I will succeed or not - but I have sought, in my interpretation of your character, to convey the qualities of a man of action plus those of a man given to deep reflection and meditation. This is why I sought an informal, relaxed and characteristic pose and mood, rather than the more formalistic approach. I only hope that I will be able to succeed in creating what I have felt. He smiled. "and my hands," he said, "I remember you saying that they are as expressive of character as the face." "I [[strikethrough]] only [[/strikethrough]] hope my hands
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