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Tues. March 8th   

Joe Alsop  
old master, Alexander Woolcott who states - Joe Alsop is the only well-educated young American. His approach, in seeking information from public officials is an amalgam of political, social & professional arrogance, to which all succumb. The feud between the Alsops & Admiral Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman of The Atomic Energy Comm. started, when after 30 min. conversation, Joe felt he had learned no new fact, & stated flatly: "Admiral, you have just wasted one half hour of my time.' He tangled with the McCarran Committee probing internal security & defended the men against charges of deliberate disloyalty.

He terminated his first columnar venture with Robt. A. Kintner in 1941 & was commissioned a lieutenant. Was sent to Bombay as naval attaché. Joined with Major Gen. Clare Chennault, as general handyman & informal chief of staff & was in Burma. Was trapped in Hong Kong & worked in the hospital till the city fell to the enemy. In prison camp, he taught himself to read Chinese.


Tues. March 8


Held post of Chief of Lend-lease mission to Chiang Kai-shek for several months before transferring to Chennault's staff as an air-force captain. He was Chennault's "ambassador to Chung King! Became known in 1934 for his reportage of the kidnap-murder of the Lindbergh baby. Possesses a reputation for having taste out of the ordinary. His sartorial elegance is unquestioned. (His patent leather pumps with afternoon suit) Has worn fur collared winter coats, etc. Has a connoisseur's taste for French haute-cuisine (vermouth cassis) Once weighed 250 lbs - & lost over 100 of it at John Hopkins hospital in 3 months. Is cousin of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt & his family is related to the two Roosevelt presidents as well as to President Monroe. Has written 3 books, - collaborating with Turner Catledge on The 168 days (the Supreme Court-packing fight) & Men Around the President, With Kintner he wrote "American White Paper (secrets of American Foreign policy)

With William Allen White formed the Committee to Aid the Allies. Has bitterly forgiven McCarthy as early as 1948. - wrote of the perils of our Far Eastern Policy. In writing he plays the organ of doom.

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Major Gen. Claire Lee Chennault

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