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Karachi,  Thursday, March 24   

Rested until 5.30. Mr. Patel & wife, Dolly called & drove me about the town. Returned to hotel & checked out. Had dinner & sat on terrace waiting for bus to airport which arrived at 10.30.

At airport, what aggravation. Carrying two coats, heavy handbag. Having to wait, perspiring till Mr. Duback of SAS. showed up to tell the SAS office that my flight was clear. (They had questioned the traffic regulations, of course, & had not been notified till this last moment.) I was in agony by this time & near tears. To top it all, SAS. weighs hand luggage as well so then my two little bags holding medication & face powder & such were weighed & I had to change another 20.00 & pay out 17.00. I don't know whether I can convert the three Pakistani bills into American on the plane or not. But the worry about my ticket, the holding of my passport - the police permit to land, waiting to get back my passport & suffering at the last moment as to whether I could make the flight - all this Cook's is responsible for. Nothing could repay the sick feeling Ive had


Karachi -   Thursday, March 24'

Cairo - Asem Hassan Morsy.

these past two weeks.


Friday, March 25'

Flight to Cairo - Airport. 
Wonderful dawn over the desert sky palest cool blue streaked with an orangish Indian Red, citron yellow & deep chrome yellow at horizon - misted at horizon line with deep violet (rose & blue) extending over the landscape till the patterns of the sand become visible.

Rose-ochre - (alizarine pale and ochre) greyed blue shadows.

Ridges & hollows in sand, like free form terra cotta sculptures.

Mr. Asem of Misrael Agency - for PAA, SAS & Cypress lines, student of engineering, wants to try for a scholarship in U.S. at any engineering school. Was helpful at airport in Cairo, as was everyone, at least outwardly friendly. The staff on the SAS. plane were so nice, the service excellent. Handsome d├ęcor - seats covered in hand
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