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Florence, Friday, April 22

be working for a pittance - poor souls. When we parted after pleasant conversation on theatre, Howard promised to look me up in Venice?

Saturday, April 23.

Morning - horse & cabby to the markets to look at leather and silverware. Then, on to the Pitti Palezzo, to look at the Modern Museum of Art section - Terrible and disappointing Third rate Academy. Long live America & what we are attempting to do!

Lunched Globe at the hotel & then for a solitary walk about the city. -

I must mention the fact, that on coming back to the hotel last night, I had a message that Albert Bianchi had called from Peragia. Again, today at 1 o'clock he called to say he wanted to come & could be here by 7 o'clock. Would I spend the evening with him? The charm of it! I refused - regretting while I did so -

Frienze Saturday, April 23. Florence
[[strikethrough]] Frzlez [[/strikethrough]]

but I have been tired with traveling & the thought of staying up till 1 a.m. or so and then too little sleep before leaving for a full day's journey tomorrow struck me as unwise. When will I learn to be unwise? I ask myself. On the other had, I must channel my emotional reaction to people & things & save my energies for my work in the future. That is what I feel to be most important now - and Alberta remains another of my beautiful unrealized dreams.

After lunch, went again to the Babtstry to buy postal cards of the wonderful ceiling ceramics - as fresh & modern (Byzantine) as one could wish. (Perhaps to make us of in the future, I hope). Also, again, to see Michelangelo's Pieta. (Christ with one leg - the other - unrealized. His head & that of his mother, Mary, supporting him, both roughly cut, in contrast to the finished head of St. Joseph (Angelo himself in portrait)
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