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Roy Knabenshue's Mother, 85, Dies
[[handwritten note]] Holly, [?][[end handwritten note]]
Mrs. Salome Knabenshue, 85, mother of Roy Knabenshue, pioneer dirigible and "ligher-than-air" pilot, was found dead early today in her hotel room at 6808 Hollywood Blvd., presumably of a heart ailment. 
Mrs. Knabenshue was found by her granddaughter, Salome Knabenshue. 
A resident of Hollywood for some 20 years, Mrs. Knabenshue was the widow of Samuel S. Knabenshue, a newspaperman for 25 years, and one-time consul general at Belfast, Irelanad, and Tientsin, China. 
Roy Knabenshue is now connected with the Department of the Interior in Washingotn, D.C. Three other sons, Paul, who is serving with the American Consular Service in Egypt; Guy, a retired Army officer, and Lee of San Gabriel, also survive, as well as 12 grandchildren, including Miss Knabenshue and her brother, Glenn in Hollywood, and five great grandchildren. 
The body was removed to the W.M. Strother Mortuary. 
[[handwritten]] Dec.6-40 [[end handwritten note]]