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A caricature and poem featured in Aeronautics magazine, 1910


WHEN we look up and see a man
Careering in the blue
Astride a strange machine, we know
It's Roy Knabenshue.
A bit of silk, some rusty wire,
Two matches he can take,
And out of such materials
An airship staunch can make.

The first to sail the Great White Way,
Daredevil of the sky,
He's never happy, save aloft
Exploring currents high;
And any day we may expect
To see this wizard run
A line of airships to the moon
And maybe to the sun.

Photographs from author's collection


That's Roy Up There

"then, over the grass - before your startled gaze! - while your eyes are popping out! - why man alive, look at that!...she leaves the ground! - glides upward! - higher! - and higher,... off into the blue! - hip, hip - hooray!"
...a reporter at the Dominguez Field meet 1910

Photographs from author's collection

WESTWAYS, April, 1971   19
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