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The Annual Picture-History

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Announcing a fascinating, new book


The Editors of YEAR, The Annual Picture-History, are now at work on an important editorial project -- a PICTORAL HISTORY OF FLIGHT -- to be published early in the fall of 1953 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of powered flight.

This volume will cover the story of aviation from man's earliest dream to fly like a bird -- to his designs today for rocket ships to travel in space. A staff of more than a score of aeronautical experts is now gathering scientific and historical documents from all over the world to compile the  most complete and accurate history of aviation ever published. Many rare and unpublished photographs will be included in this pictorial volume which will portray in almost 1,000 pictures (plus 75,000 words) the exciting story of man's conquest of flight.

Here are only a few of the countless subjects treated in the ten sections of this outstanding book -- to give you some idea of the tremendous scope and importance of this volume. In YEARS's editorial formula of dramatic photographs and concise captions and text, you will find the stories of: 

Man's earliest efforts to fly, including balloons and gliders...the beginnings of flight under power, both abroad and in the U.S. ... military aviation in the First World War... start of commercial aviation...  early airlines, manufacturers... growth of the aircraft industry... the dramatic flights and famous aviators of the '20s and '30s... impact of World War II on aviation, great expansion of aircraft plants, key role of air power in war and world politics... postwar commercial air expansion...military, Berlin and Korean airlifts... aviation at the fiftieth anniversay mark... future, the challenge of space.

It would be most important that the PICTORAL HISTORY OF FLIGHT objectively reflect the length and breadth of aviation's development. YEAR, The Annual Picture-History, is well qualified to see to the editing and publishing of such a book. YEAR has published six pictorial history books since 1948 including four news annuals; FIFTY TURBULENT YEARS--which has sold over 80,000 copies; and a PICTORAL HISTORY OF THE BIBLE AND CHRISTIANITY. YEAR is now at work editing a PICTORAL HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES and a PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

In the fascinating pages of YEAR'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FLIGHT you will thrill at the courage--and faith--of the men who dared to cut their earthly bonds...the designers, pilots and builders whose vision and enthusiasm laid the foundation for today's great aviation industry.

The PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FLIGHT will represent a significant contribution in positioning the aviation industry and the part of the aviation has played in modern history. Its universal appeal will insure that the complete story of aviation--and its important role in national security --will reach air enthusiasts and laymen alike, everywhere.
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