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following sections of the Development Outline will be prepared in chart form by the Branch of Engineering. The charts will be bound with the drawings indicated if such are prepared; otherwise, they will be bound with  the General Development Plan. 

It is intended that separate charts will be prepared for each type of utility system listed below, but that each separate chart will tabulate, as required by the chart headings, all pertinent data on existing and proposed utility installations for the entire park or monument. There will be contained in the Master Plan, therefore, one telephone chart, one radio chart, one water system chart, etc., although more than one chart may be placed on the same sheet if desired.  Additional utility data not covered by the charts will be given in narrative form to accompany the large scale Utility Layout Plans,  (See page 78.)

The following Utility System Charts are desired: (See Plates III and IV.)

The Telephone Chart

The Radio Chart

The Power Chart

The above three charts should be bound with the Communications and Power System Map.

The Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Systems Chart

To be bound with the General Development Plan

The Water Systems Chart

To be bound with the Water Rights and Water Systems Map, if one is prepared; otherwise, with the General Development Plan.


As pertinent data on water rights is assembled and is made available by the Water Rights Section it should be recorded as may be directed, and bound with the Water Rights and/or Water Systems Map, if such a map is prepared; otherwise, with the General Development Plan. 


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