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Mr Knahenshue

Region One
Richmond, Virginia 

May 6, 1941.

Regional Office Letter No. 729.

National Park Superintendents
National Monument Custodians
RDA Managers

Subject: Use of Autogiro Assigned to Region One

For serial observation and photography in connection with planning, development, investigation and protection work an autogiro has been assigned to Region One.  It will operate from Mateo, N.C., as its base and Mr. John D. Driskill is appointed as its only authorized pilot.  the services of the machine and pilot are available for temporary assignment to areas in the Region having problems on which the autogiro can be used to define advantage. Such assignments must be arranged for in advance through submission of amply justified requests to the Regional Director.  Costs of operating the machine and the pilot's salary will be borne by Region One Headquarters.

On the basis of our present limited knowledge of the applicability of the autogiro to our various purposes we have prepared a tentative schedule of possible assignments, a copy of which is attached.  This is supplemented by information concerning the machine, its limitations, and the regulations that are to be enforced governing its use.

It is requested that you review the attached material carefully and if you are engaged on activities in connection with which you believe the autogiro may provide practical and beneficial assistance we shall be pleased to have your suggestions. There are undoubtedly other types of activities not mentioned in the tentative program on which the autogiro could be used advantageously.  Also we are particularly anxious to have comments and recommendations from those who would be concerned with the specific activities proposed in the program if they are undertaken.  Should you believe that any of the suggested uses are impracticable or unnecessary, please let us have your opinions and the reasons for them.
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