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The Personnel has enlarged its quarters probably with an eye towards a rushing business for Lydia Jones, our new nurse... and does she have that feminine touch. 
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A son weighing five pounds arrived to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Long on October 4th. 
* * * 
Scene: Washroom. 
Stranger(to Bill): "How do you like your job"?
Bill: "Okay--Do you work here?"
Stranger: "Yes, for quite a few years." 
Bill: "I never saw you--what do you do?"
Stranger:"I'm W.W. Kellett.
* * *
Late congratulations to Jules De Weall (of Inspection) and his wife of two weeks; also Howard Miller (also of Inspection) and his bride from Nashville.
* * *
Ray Sweeney scores again--and it's another boy. Congratulations, and them Havana buds was a nice gesture.
* * *
When the wife of a certain leadman learned where he had been with other Kellett casanovas--one evening last week--she searched every inch of his clothing for foreign blonde hairs, powder, etc., etc. She said not that she did not trust him-- but "just in case."
* * *
FOUND-Man's Wrist Watch . . . 
Call at Personnel Office. 
* * *
Between fines for speeding (five in one month) Gene Ravio of "Martin Flaps" has some way scraped up enough for another fine --$2.50-- the fine everyone pays for the privilege of getting married. It is rumored the elopement will take place Saturday, October 11th... if the ladder doesn't break.
One popular foreman has been in the dog house since the Kellett picnic. His wife found lipstick on his shirt and she wasn't at the picnic. He said it was from an "Inspector's red pencil."
Eddie Lawrence of Personnel has one slightly used "address book" for sale. He won't have any more use for it since he took to himself a wife. Auction will take place Saturday, October 11th, to the highest bidder.
Could it be something Larson saw 

[[image caption]]
Ed Kurkjian was very active at the picnic. He did some announcing and also filled in at the drums.
[[/image caption]]

that caused the beer keg to explode at the stag party the other night?
By this time Willie Bodine should know the way to Atlantic City. Some of the boys think he travelled at least 150 miles to make the otherwise 60-mile journey. Could you use a road map, Willie?
The GIRL FRIENDS want Bob Wagner for their steady scorekeeper, but the ENGINEERS have suggested he take up a primary grade course after the GIRL FRIENDS won two games thru Bob's arithmetic.
Another member of the Kellett "Bachelor" club to resign is Al Moore. He will take the big step on October 11th.
Wonder why Larry felt enthusiastic enough to discard his cane one evening (in fact, threw it away)? Why, fellows?
Build Giro Models
Interest in autogiros was stimulated greatly the past week through a syndicated newspaper article urging Junior Aviators--boys interested in aviation--to build a model autogiro along lines of the Kellett planes built for the U.S. Army. To aid the Junior Aviators, sketches of the YG1-B accompanied the article.

Interested Spectators
[[Image Caption]] Events of the annual picnic proved very exciting--as you can judge from the look on the faces of above spectators.
[[/Image Caption]]

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with fire extinguishers we might have had an extra-alarm fire," said Grady. "I've seldom seen or heard of a more courageous bit of work in this city."
The workmen extinguished the blaze before the city firemen arrived.
Those on the scene of the fire and complimented were: E. Nowack, J. Coultes, J. Weigner, A. DeLorenzo, B. Kline, C. Thurwanger, A. Geyer W. Wollfall, A. Dujardine, G. Charles, L. DeAngelo,  De Matteo, J. Mescia, N. Marchio, W. Conners G. Hume, A. Cappella, R. Yunag, K. Jaeger, A. Malenki, and J. Pappas.
Eight Pursuit Types for Air Forces
Q-How many types of pursuit planes are in service with or being produced for the U.S. Air Forces?
A-Eight. Newest ships include the Bell P-39, Curtiss P-40, Lockheed P-38, North American P-51 and Republic P-43 and P-47. Older types are the Curtiss P-36 and Republic P-35.
Q-What is the value of military airplanes the American aircraft industry has contracted to build for the United States, Great Britain and other democracies?
A-More than five-and-a-half billion dollars worth.
Q-What country first armed an airplane with a machine gun?
A-The United States. In 1909 at College Park, Md., a machine gun was carried on a Wright biplane and was fired at a ground target.

[[caption of photo not shown]] One who enjoyed the picnic--
Lillian Wienstein

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project beyond the buckle.  These may catch in machines or on materials.
Dangling trouser cuffs, especially those that are too long or shredded, are a tripping hazard. Keep trouser cuffs reasonably short and even at the bottom.
Torn clothing means loose ends. These may be caught in machinery or on materials. Wear snug - fitting clothing only. And there is no objection to clothing that has been properly mended.
Thin or worn shoes offer little protection against punctures by sharp objects.
Flapping shoe soles are a very dangerous tripping hazard.
There is little protection against possible foot injury from falling objects if the shoe uppers are cut out for corns, bunions, etc.
Watch-fobs, arm bands, watch chains and key chains also are a hazard.
Finger rings, likewise, may catch on machinery or on materials.
I am very proud of Kellett's safety record. And I know you are, too. Let's all work together to even better our previous record. Through co-operation the protection of all workers can be increased and the injuries decreased.
In a time like the present every work-hour lost is an hour gained by Hitler and Company!

[[Initial part of paragraph cut]]
the entire year of 1940. A major portion of the business has been the supplying of parts to prime manufacturers for use in bomber, pursuit and fighter airplanes.
Unfilled orders on September 30th were $3,092,603.69 as against $685,385.21 on this date a year ago and $1,857,357.53 at the start of this year. This backlog is made up largely of orders from U.S. Air Corps, Consolidated, Curtiss, Martin, Bell, Republic and Brewster airplane companies.
Larry Isbister Returns to Work
Larry Isbister's friends... and they are legion... will be delighted to learn that he is back at his inspection post. Larry tore the ligaments in his knee during a softball play-off battle with the Lit Brothers Warehouse team. He was guarding the plate, to block off the base-running efforts of an ambitious Lit Brothers player, when injured.
A committee, representing all inspectors and Kellett employees, visited Larry recently and left with him a slight token of their appreciation. A letter from Larry expressed his sincere thanks for the gift... especially that portion which comes in one of those non-refillable containers.
The knee injury not only halted the Kellett team's rush to the Industrial League championship but ended one of the best pitching achievements in Philadelphia soft-ball history. In the season just completed, Larry proved his right to be associated with the outstanding softball hurlers in the entire city.
And here's a word from Larry:
"Thanks gals and boys from the wife and myself for the kind words, tonic (Vitamins XXX) and tokens; your kindness and generosity helped make my enforced absence a pleasant one... in fact, I was tying to figure out some way to put my other leg in a cast." 

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