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This space is for recording by the Bureau of Mines and is not a part of the contract. 
Application No. [[blank]]
Date [[blank]]
Contract received from purchaser [[blank]]
Contract forward to Washington [[blank]]
Contract No. [[blank]]
Date [[blank]]

This HELIUM PURCHASE CONTRACT, entered into this [[blank]] day of [[blank]], 19 [[blank]], by and between THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, acting through the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, BUREAU OF MINES (herinafter called the Bureau) and [[blank]] dealing as [[blank]] (specify whether individual, partnership or corporation, and give [[blank]] requisite identifying information.) (hereinafter called the purchaser),


THAT, WHEREAS, the purchaser desires to purchase[[blank]] units of helium([[blank]] cu. ft. of contained helium) from the Bureau pursuant to the Act of Congress entitled "An Act Authorizing the conservation, production, exploitation, and sale of helium gas, a mineral resource pertaining to the national defense and to the development of commercial aeronautics, authorizing the acquisition, by purchase or otherwise, by the United States of properties for the production of helium gas and for other purposes", approved September 1, 1937 (hereinafter call the Act) and under regulations governing production and sale of helium by the Bureau, approved by the President on January 14, 1938, or as hereafter modified with approval of the President, (hereinafter called the regulations), which Act and regulations are hereby made a part of this contract by reference and

WHEREAS, the purchaser has filed an application dated [[blank]] with the Bureau for said helium, stating in said application his need for and intended use of said helium and agreeing therein to abide by the terms of said Act and regulations in the purchase, use and disposition of such helium; a copy of which application is attached hereto and made a part hereof, and 

WHEREAS, the Bureau has determined that the said helium can be produced with facilities under its jurisdiction in accordance with good engineering practice and has prepared a report on said application, 

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