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wire (airship):
antiflutter wire-A wire in the plane of the outer cover for local reinforcement and for reducing flutter due to variations in the air pressure or propeller wash.
chord wire-A wire joining the vertices of a main transverse frame.
diametral wire-A chord wire that passes through or near the center of a main transverse frame. It is usually attached to the axial fitting.
fairing wire-A wire provided as a point of attachment for the outer cover to maintain the contour lines of the envelope of an airship.
main shear wire-A diagonal wire taking up main shear loads in the structure of a rigid airship.
netting wire-Diagonal or circumferential wire netting fitted between the longitudinals over the entire hull of a rigid airship to transmit the lift of the gas cells to the structure.

radial wire-A wire that extends from an axial fitting at the center of a transverse frame of a rigid airship to one of the vertices of the frame.
secondary shear wire-An additional reinforcing shear wire.
yaw-An angular displacement about an axis parallel to the normal axis of an aircraft.
yawing-Angular motion about the normal axis (fig. 13.)
yaw line-See LINE, YAW.
yawmeter-An instrument that measures the angle of the yaw of an aircraft.
zero-lift angle-See ANGLE, ZERO-LIFT.
zoom-To climb for a short time at an angle greater than the normal climbing angle, the airplane being carried upward at the expense of kinetic energy.