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[[strikethrough]] MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
6th Day
360 Days to come

state thinking about it - but this man on the boat hadn't even noticed it, & had only thought that the rich man had been unreal in his unkindness.  There was a nice line about architects said by a poor starving one -. " The trouble is that you're not an architect till you've built a house, & no one [[strikethrough]] asks [[/strikethrough]] wants you to build a house until you're an architect".  The next day I sailed.
I have just realized that there are certain things one wants to do that one never will do in life because there literally isn't time.  I don't mean mental things which are obvious, but physical things.  [[strikethrough]] For instance [[/strikethrough]] as a child I always thought I'd be sure to do everything someday, but for instance I'd like to spend a year in Paris - working in art & learning French & learning a little about the French.  I'd really like to, it is almost necessary, & then I'd like to spend a few months with, the circus - drawing & observing,

[[strikethrough]] TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
7th Day  359 Days to come

& a few months on a ranch doing the same, and of course I'd like to have completed being a real ski champ.  [[strikethrough]] All I can do [[/strikethrough]] Those are the things I feel are possible with being a real artist all my life, & yet I'm afraid I may never do them.  At the moment I have a sty on my eye, & a blister on my foot which distract my attention & I look as if someone [[strikethrough]] had be [[/strikethrough]] has been defacing the building -

There is one more night I spent in N.Y. two weeks ago which I never wrote up.  It started at 4 P.M. when Henry met me at the Bronx zoo drawing -.  He had stopped on his way down from Conn. - We drove down town together in pouring rain & [[strikethrough]] wer [[/strikethrough]] stopped at Angelo Columbo's studio.  He is that wonderful craftsman of Manships - & he is creating on his own now - but always with the idea of spending a year over the fine technique of [[strikethrough]] what [[/strikethrough]] his material, so the real spark dies in the meantime, & I doubt if he does anything from

Transcription Notes:
mandc: Angela or Angelo? See reference to Paul Manship's assistant Angelo Columbo: I think it's safe to write Angelo; you can see her overwriting the a/o

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