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[[strikethrough]] FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
66th Day  Ember Day  300 Days to come


of high wild mountains full of rock & snow and softened by a shining mist. It is so crowded & so gay that one forgets how lonely & lovely the tops of its mountains are. Marching in the parade was a real experience which I will tell my grandchildren about. The Olympic 8 marched, & each country lined up in front of its flag, & did a whole lot of fancy things like goose stepping to the [[strikethrough]] musi [[/strikethrough]] band, & turning "eyes right" as we passed Hitler, & stretching [[strikethrough]] our [[/strikethrough]] one arm out while the Olympic oath was taken. We didn't raise our arms in "Heil Hitler" though lots of countries did, & Fran Lütgerath thought it very bad that we didn't all do the same thing except Germany. The crowd was huge & friendly, & every man's team was delightfully fresh to us because we are known as [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] a team of beauties! News reels followed us in our course, & Hitler spoke, & we all froze to death, & the Olympic fire was lit, & will go on burning [[strikethrough]] till [[/strikethrough]] up on top of a tower until the Olympics are over. 

[[strikethrough]] SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
67th Day  Ember Day  299 Days to come


as we entered the Arena we marched through a great arch on which was printed "Wir grüssen der jugend der welt."

The Greeks led the way out for old times sake, and that was nice though I must say these modern Olympics seem like a far cry from the old ones, when I [[strikethrough]] thought [[/strikethrough]] think of that setting  in the rich pine trees of Olympia and its solid stone ruins, and the stone slabs in the ground form which the runners started their races. Mummie was right when she said I should go to Greece just to see the site of the Olympics when I had it in mind to be in the Olympics myself. The [[strikethrough]] one [[/strikethrough]] two moments which made me most revere these games [[strikethrough]] were [[/strikethrough]] came in the parade, & in the night when A & D & I went to see the ice hockey which was very exciting. The stadium was all lit up from the outside, & a [[strikethrough]] moo [[/strikethrough]] full moon was shining over it and the high white mountains encircled it beyond, & the rows of harkencroiz [[Hakenkreuz]] flags on the huge building made the artificiality of the stadiums & the reality of the moon and mountains [[strikethrough]] vie un [[/strikethrough]] vei in [[strikethrough]] [?] [[/strikethrough]] a thrilling & gigantic way. So much for Garmisch & Partenkirchen & the Olympics! 
[[margin]] Though this 'so much' isn't half enough. [[/margin]]
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