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[[strikethrough]] WEDNESDAY, JULY  22, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
204th Day   162 Days to come

He told me of a scheme [[strikethrough]] alls a [[/strikethrough]] he & the painter want to put over - which is to get artists paid for exhibiting their work. He says lots of people come to see wild experimental exhibits [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] with no idea of buying, & the museums & shippers & insurance & everyone gets paid except the artists who don't sell their work because [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]] they are pathetically willing to do it for the flattery [[/strikethrough]] alone [[/strikethrough]] alone of having been asked to. [[strikethrough]] They [[/strikethrough]] Mrs Manship said the other day she telephoned George Grey Barnard, & when she asked to speak with him the maid said "I am sorry he can't come to the phone because he is concieving"! I left there [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] before I wanted [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] (though Mrs M said to come [[strikethrough]] back [[/strikethrough]] & see them whenever I [[strikethrough]] want [[/strikethrough]] choose to) [[strikethrough]] in a [[/strikethrough]] to go to a movie of [[strikethrough]] Ses [[/strikethrough]] African animal photo slides which Aunt E asked me to. What marvelous photos! Apparently buffaloes lions & elephants & Rhinos are the most dangerous beasts of all, though Rhinos are too dumb to be in that class. Theodore Roosevelt

[[strikethrough]] THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
205th Day   161 Days to come

describes them as standing for hours "lost in prehistoric thought." All this led to an invitation to the preview opening of Akeley Hall next week which will be [[strikethrough]] beautifully [[/strikethrough]] full of animal heat for me. I saw Dwight Morrow Jr [[strikethrough]] on th [[/strikethrough]] as I came out, & he looked blooming. Well - I seem at least to be learning the art of living in New York, which consists of [[strikethrough]] eliminating ones social & vocational ver a process [[/strikethrough]] a high-powered process of elimination dependent on knowing what one wants, & guiding oneself in those directions both socially & mentally with tremendous & speedy judgement. It takes so much self-sufficiency & tact & discrimination & years of experience in this overstimulating overpopulated fluster of flourishment that I never thought I would find myself leading a peaceful & yet rich life - both socially & artistically - which is what I want! One [[strikethrough]] thing about a [[/strikethrough]] reward in specializing in an interest is the richness it brings you & the interesting people
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