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[[strikethrough]] SUNDAY, AUGUST 9, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
222nd Day  9th Sunday after Trinity  144 Days to come
[[strikethrough]] cont [[/strikethrough]]
May 25th

On Saturday I worked all a.m. on Jay's head, & he took me down to lunch with the poet Robert Fitzgerald & his new wife. Jay was very fresh but witty with them, & I was pleased to [[strikethrough]] see [[/strikethrough]] find I am not the only female he insults. His tongue is too glib & witty to enjoy as much as admire, & as usual I felt ill at ease because they were intellectuals - except that the Fitzgeralds were so charming & sincere & gentle. He has the smooth unworldly sort of face & manner that a poet should have, and though he is colorless in appearance he has the kind of eyes that become black with feeling every other moment. His pupils dilate & penetrate with [[strikethrough]] every [[/strikethrough]] each emotion [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] whether it be humour or admiration or kindness, & his wife has a lovely expression. I hardly opened my mouth, & yet I felt as if I was talking with them & they with me the whole time because we [[strikethrough]] read [[/strikethrough]] understood each others expressions. Jay had a pamphlet

[[strikethrough]] MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
223rd Day    St. Lawrence  143 Days to come

advertising his new book "Understanding Gertrude Stein" which isn't finished yet, and a new book of Fitzgerald's. I am to find a buyer for Jay's 'New Democracy' magazine, so I'll go to Vint as Mrs Garvin might buy it. My head of Jay is quite good so far, & I think he agrees. That evening I spent with B.T. after weeping oceans all alone at "under two flags." Her husband [[strikethrough]] we [[/strikethrough]] selfishly spent the weekend in the country. He is a rat for she had a difficult time presenting him with a son. She said [[strikethrough]] a boy [[/strikethrough]] young tough Phil Brady came up to her a few days before it was born & said "wouldn't it be awful if that was all just fat & there wasn't any baby at all"! All this goes to prove [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] someone's remark that May is the month in which nature does its best, & human nature does its worst. Perhaps that is the reason why I saw a green light globe in a drug store window yesterday & 
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