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[[strikethrough]] SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
256th Day   Old Defenders Day (Baltimore, Md.)   110 Days to come


all liked each other half through my successful efforts! We were finally put out in the A.M. - & [[strikethrough]] St. J [[/strikethrough]] I found myself more lit up than ever before though I had had only one cocktail & 1 1/2 Tom Collins (Mr. Collins & Tom Jr.). It must have been a fatal mixture because I felt very ill & dizzy in bed - & didn't even realize that poor Alan had paid for everything until the next a.m., & I was furious at St J & H. St J. telephoned & said Henry had spent the night with him & that they had talked about me in the park for hours after Alan had taken me home. Henry came down to see me that a.m. & told me he loved me & was going to bother me again now that he has some money. He didn't comment on any of my work - & he liked Ellen's - & Alice walked in to go & look at my prospective appt before he left, so Ellen worked it that they wouldn't meet as I thought it was a bad time - & now I'm sorry because Alice wanted to. He thinks I am perfection of beauty in every way. Isn't it extraordinary how infallibly there is always someone who thinks another person who doesn't fit the beauty rules in any way is 

[[strikethrough]] SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
257th Day   14th Sunday after Trinity   109 Days to come


beautiful - I suppose that's what love does to peoples sight. He says I help him so much in his work whenever I am around him, & that ever since he has known me his work has been twice as good, & that if he married someone else he wouldn't feel fair if he went on thinking about me in his work.

It is difficult - but if only he could [[strikethrough]] see [[/strikethrough]] realize how funny looking I am - being so big & having such an ill-proportioned face.  

That afternoon (feeling light & airy but rather of another world after that tipsy celebration) I drove down to Stewart's for a drawing lesson - & en route remembered having told Alice we had celebrated Henry's prize the night before - & then she came in to find him there in the morning - so I hate to think what she thought. Stewart was very disagreeable but taught me a lot. I feel he is bored with teaching me - mostly because I come so seldom [[strikethrough]] & he [[/strikethrough]] because of Warneke, & is finally so sick of doing it at all that he doesn't mind whom I work with. He said Jacoleff is teaching in Boston, as if to send me there. He seemed discouraged
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