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[[strikethrough]] TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
336th Day  30 Days to come

& came over to the head, & after studying it carefully said, "Did you do that?" I nodded, & he said "its very nice." I then looked at his latest head, & he yelled "don't look at that lousy thing!") & the lions & five drawings to the Stockbridge exhibition. My worry is still unsure - & if it is this ghastly when it is not sure - what would it be if it was sure? It is worse than anything next to chronic illness or death - but luckily hurts no one but me. Forget it till I'm sure - & then what? 

Well to elaborate - I wrote Jay in answer to his "Bang Bang Bang off we go to Mexico" & to thank him for a dozen animal postcards "Bang Bang Bang how lovely to get a landslide of lantern slides of Mexico as seen through my, & how careless of me not to have come with you." [[strikethrough]] I told him that I the other [[/strikethrough]] I told him all about my viclessness - except for my voice which is my most vicious  vice - & about my illness - but why did I write all those

[[strikethrough]] WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
337th Day  Monroe Doctrine Declared 1823  29 Days to come

V's & I's without any Jay's? He repeats that he wants his head titled " J.L. IV the poet". Well I am going to be a more subtle publicity agent for him - & let them say of their own accords "who is that J.L. 10th? He must be a poet with those dreamy eyes & that sensitive nose, & wellnigh bald head". But what will they say when they see those ears? Oh well[[strikethrough]] they will simply [[/strikethrough]] I will put blinkers on them, & they will simply feel [[strikethrough]] etc [[/strikethrough]] like the man who looked at the Giraffe & said 'there ain't no such animal! He says he is going to learn the whole Spanish language in two weeks, so the other day I tested him by pretending that upon his return he will have forgotten all his English & not yet learnt Spanish. How much would there be left of James without his words besides 6 ft 6 inches? I joyfully concluded he would simply be a nice animal like myself - & I love animals! Oh damn it - I've just this minute spoken over the phone with him [[strikethrough]] to tell him [[/strikethrough]] & told him I'm not there to 
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