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[[strikethrough]] SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
340th Day  26 Days to come

& then you upset him by saying I'm a real mental case. Don't think he betrayed you by telling me, but he said he'd seen you that day & you had sounded rather fed-up - so I said "I know - he thinks I'm a hopeless mental case" - & he agreed. Well I can easily see how all my hither & thither & skelter indecisions - learning half from one person & half from another - lead you to that conclusion. The fact is you are a much better [[strikethrough]] th [[/strikethrough]] teacher than Warneke, & I enjoy learning from you far better, but I want to learn technique & not style, because I want to find my own style, because I want to find my own style. Why should I make up my mind what style is best now (for it is only a uniform superficially clothing the body [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] of form that is already there) - I can find that later, & in the mean time I don't want to get stamped for life. I'm not sure the Manship school is the best - but I am sure all your knowledge of form & technique is of the best - & in that case are you not willing to teach me the latter [[strikethrough]] alone? [[/strikethrough]] separately?

letter to Stewart
[[strikethrough]] SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
341st Day  2nd Sunday in Advent 
 25 Days to come

The bull [[strikethrough]] you [[/strikethrough]] I made is a Manship bull - & I could put no feeling into it because it was mine & yet I did not make it. [[strikethrough]] Warneke [[/strikethrough]] Karl Milles's style is just as good as Manship's I think, & so is Warnekes - & he lets me do what I feel - so [[strikethrough]] wor [[/strikethrough]] why can't you, since I have ideas & convictions of my own & don't need to take someone elses? If my ideas are bad - then I would rather realize that I am a bad artist & stop worrying. You let me do what I want in drawing, & have helped me no end in the technique end, so why not try that with sculpture? This is what causes all the indecision - & makes me work alone so much. I want you for a teacher - if you will only change [[strikethrough]] about [[/strikethrough]] these ways. I'd rather do overworked & lousy learned sculpture now than primitive childs stuff. Anything between the primitive & [[strikethrough]] lousy [[/strikethrough]] learned is bound to be lousy."

Transcription Notes:
Carl Milles, Swedish sculpter, settled at Cranbrook, where LSS will fetch up

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