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[[strikethrough]] FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
346th Day  20 Days to come

not vote against him just because I fear the after affects of all the good he has done for artists. I hardly dare vote - knowing so little - but Landon keeps flattering the Olympic negro star Jesse Owens who in turn [[strikethrough]] says he is [[/strikethrough]] says "I am going to vote for Landon" [[strikethrough]] until [[/strikethrough]] until all the negroes turn Republican & it infuriates me to think that the negroes may determine the vote if it is close. I don't think Roosevelt should [[strikethrough]] try [[/strikethrough]] control everything from universities to religious institutions etc, but I think he will be more careful & tolerant in his next term about that since everyone has pounced on him so hard. 

I hear that Whitney Straight & his wife are too poor to have a baby or a charwoman, & that pigeons marry once & live forever after devotedly with the same wife (if they can do it you'd think we could) - & to return to Babs & John, [[strikethrough]] they who [[/strikethrough]] they were very nice & cheery, returning to Muttontown as if they were Paul's & Mum's own children. I always feel lonely with Babs, or as if she came from Mars 

[[strikethrough]] SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1936 [[strikethrough]]
347th Day  19 Days to come
cont   'hates'

& I from Jupiter, & John is sweet but long-winded. I like his kind & beautiful eyes, & I hate hers. I am going to write a poem someday about man-made hates, versus [[strikethrough]] [?] [[/strikethrough]] my-made hates, & nature-made loves. [[strikethrough]] Dirty damp [[/strikethrough]] Mouldy wash rags, cold hot water bottles, dish cloths after they have done their job, no mail in the Post Box when I have gone expressly for a letter, ocean swimming before breakfast, unflushed toilets, dirty water cooling off in a basin, - these are only the watery hates! My-made hates could go on indefinitely with any change in human relationships, (I'm scared of them when moving towards, & miserable when they are moving away), thick-skinned people, Sunday noon in New York, seeing anything suffer, & shiny cars in mellow old barns.

I wrote Jay that I have been working, [[strikethrough]] dining, & [[/strikethrough]] dancing, dining, wining, sporting & sleeping in his ring, because it suits every occasion. He sent me a darling set of Mexican jewellry, & it was a new sensation for me to recieve it from a real-he man [[strikethrough]] unle [[/strikethrough]] (the sissy) instead
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