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[[strikethrough]] SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
354th Day   Ember Day   12 Days to come
[[strikethrough]] cont [[/strikethrough]]
Oct 10th

The last few days have been lovely - I model mum playing the accordion in the a.m., & carve the Swan's wooden posts of animals all p.m., & at night am occupied in feeling tired & in daydreaming or writing letters & in reading the autobiography of Montaigne. His chapters [[strikethrough]] are [[/strikethrough]] on love & marriage are painfully true, though on the French. Herr Gott my letters are dull - wood chopping all day, making them once more wooden & choppy by night when I'm tired, but the later the hour grows when I should be retired, the [[strikethrough]] wod [[/strikethrough]] wood grows pretty green, & the chopping a bit too smooth for honest [[strikethrough]] forms [[/strikethrough]] & uncracked forms. I wrote Henry tonight - but I think I could [[strikethrough]] have [[/strikethrough]] talk better than write, & I certainly hope I'll dream better than I think - I wrote him a cross section of what I should be dreaming - & yet thank God dreams aren't as boring, otherwise no one would ever get to bed.

I got two letters from Jay since our last miserable séance which had the desired effect of charming & amusing me beyond

[[strikethrough]] SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1936 [[/strikethrough]]
355th Day  4th Sunday in Advent  11 Days to come


words. He wrote "You see I was [[strikethrough]] so [[/strikethrough]] feeling so virtuous then about coming over to see you when you were rendered by a cold not an object of physical attraction that of course I couldn't be nice too". As he did not ask me once how my cold is I am on the point of writing back on a piece of cleanex (Lu's idea of toilet paper ruled out by mum, but her words kept) [[strikethrough]] "in answer to [[/strikethrough]] "Dear Jacobe, in answer to your inquiring about my health, I wish to say that as my cold is now cured I am once more an object of physical attraction to practically everybody, so I naturally have no time to write - sincerely Sadie Thompson".

Tonight I went to the Cold Spring Harbor Biolog. Lab. exhibit which I contribute to above other charities because science interests me more than anything but art, & though a lot of people were bored, I was extremely moved. The scientists there had such fine & patient faces, & such a sincere & gentle manner, & were so concentrated in their work that their tired faces shone with happiness & enthusiasm. They were so
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