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I [[strikethrough]] [[??]] rode [[/strikethrough]] walked down a beam of sunlight - I was a child 
then - Unfortunately I live on memories - I cannot take the next step - I supidly [[stupidly]] say why walk otherwise? Obviously the answer is you're out of step - Isn't that what you've always wanted - what piece of arogant stupidity makes you feel their way of living is not for you - know yourself - defile your precious flesh. It may then be easier to come down with both heels on that golden shimmering so slightly butter cup -. Yet I've know humility - I cannot see the pattern and naturally I don't know where I fit - must I again destroy the circle - or shall I never know it - This has all happened before - In an insane dream - now only these dreams seem real - And the horrible realization that I have not killed hope - So dimly I sense this must happen again.   So many things I have discarded and tried to find again. Why fight these distortions. Is it really a fear of seeing yourself - stark naked - Is it just a matter of undoing one button at a time.  What are you running away from - The music is playing so please lets dance again - From whom did you inherit your greed - must you have all - Why not learn to live with the fragments that are meant for you - Do you really think you can harness the sun? Why not cut off your greedy clutching fingers - learn to pray.
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